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Forge World: Pre-Heresy Space Marines and more

I'm not going to bother much for words with pictures and commentary from Ead Brown below. The newsletter can be found here with some discussion here...
At last your wait is over! As you know, we've been whetting your appetite over the past few weeks with some exclusive sneak peeks and in this Newsletter we can proudly announce the first wave of our fantastic new Space Marine releases, with an array of full resin kits that are now available to pre-order. We've also got an FAQ on our recent Death Korps army list update and Experimental rules for you to download. Read on to find out more!
Thanks, Ead Brown
Space Marine Caestus Assault Ram

Quantum Gothic

Quantum Gothic is a UK based company that produce Science Fiction terrain. All of their products are made of high grade casting resin and might I just say they look awesome...

Tank Traps/Stoppers Set - This kit contains 5 'Teeth' plus 5 rubble bases to use and slot in or out at will depending on the type of terrain  you like to place them to. It costs £9.75 which works out to be less than £2 for each teeth and base... and they aren't small as this picture shows.

Missile Launcher Catalyst - The kit contains 11 detailed resin-cast parts. A 360 degree medium range ground based missile/rocket launcher. An excellent and effective addition to our armoured scenery constructs and a guaranteed tougher response against invading armoured foes! You’re lucky to see the back of it! The launcher can be turned any direction all around and comes fit with three missiles/rockets. It costs £15.00 and is larger than a Space Marine as this picture shows.

Quantum Cannon - This kit contains 11 detailed resin-cast parts. A 360 degree range ground based medium Cannon. A truly exciting  new addition to our Quantum constructs which will visually enrich your sceneries and actively fuel your games. Use this effective weapon against your invading forces. Protect your objectives and your conquered lands! It costs £16 and is larger than a Space Marine as this picture shows.

Those are just some of the products they have available (some of them are new since I last looked). With each and every piece fitting into the gothic theme that this company aims for. If I get my tax return soon I may invest in getting my hands on a some of these... especially since they have free shipping World Wide for all of August.

Thanks goes out to Big D, from The Hogs of War, for exposing me to Quantum Gothic. Click the link to see an awesome Chimera conversion using the Missile Launcher.

Disclaimer - Images taken without permission and will be removed if requested.

Wrecked Vehicle Marker... more explosions

Adding in from yesterday's post on Large Explosions I thought I'd share this tutorial from the guys at The Painting Corps. As before original commentary has been added with my own thoughts in italics this time...

Today is a quick tip that I've been trying to post for quite a while. Ever since I saw the huge explosion markers in the Apocalypse book I wanted to duplicate that look on a smaller scale for wrecked vehicle markers. Here's a quick run-down on how I built the markers.

Foam, paperclips, hot glue and clump foliage are what you need for this project. The foam and paperclips give you a foundation for the foliage.

I prefer to use the "Fall" mixture for this so that you can get a nice red-yellow-orange explosion color without having to paint anything.

Build a shape with the foam and wire and lay out a bunch of the foliage on a paper plate or other clean surface. You might have to break up some of the foliage into smaller bits, but keep a mix of size to give the piece more texture.

Work with the hot glue gun over an area of about a square inch or so at a time and them quickly press the foam into the pile of foliage on the plate. Be patient and make sure you get good coverage and then gently brush the excess off after the hot glue solidifies.

Once assembled, painting is easy. Either with grey spray paint or your airbrush, spray from above and slightly to the side to create smoke. Then from the top spray some black for dark smoke.  If you want a more smoky look, spray the whole thing grey or black and highlight it with grey and white spray. This is another way to go about painting the large explosions from yesterdays post.

Since the foliage is spongy, spray in light coats so that you can get it soggy. If you get too soggy the paint will disperse through the foliage and ruin the top-down painting effect.

This project also scales well; you can do it on a small 25mm base or something as large as the Apocalypse explosions on a 5" or 6" base and several inches tall.

Disclaimer - all images taken from The Painting Corps without permission. Tutorial done by RealGenius. Images will be removed on request.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Large Explosions

After posting some of the stunning images of the fortified Space Wolf fortress I'm going to borrow some more. This time to make a brief tutorial. Below is some pictures that show how to make explosions... because blowing shyt up is fun.

Aly Morrison created these large explosions. He started by attaching dowel to a base [like these] and covering it in wire mesh.

Aly then began to glue clump foliage (a scenery product readily available from most model shops) to the wire mesh.

As well as adding clump foliage to the explosion, Aly also embedded mangled Tyranids (and assorted body parts).

Here you can see a completed explosion, ready for painting and basing.

You can see the painted and based explosions in the pictures above. I've added in the bold to help identify some of the necessary materials. And here is a similar tutorial on how to make smoke by Da Boss from Da Green Skins.

Disclaimer - Images taken from Games Workshop website. Explosions created by Aly Morrison. They will be removed if requested.

The Chaser's Ben Lee Song

Once again I will be resorting to the shameless tactic of scheduling so I remain in the top of my imaginary friends' blog roll. Hopefully I haven't fallen asleep in class when this post goes live. Anyways. I give you another silly song by Andrew Hansen from The Chaser's War on Everything...

Disclaimer - I did vaguely say that The Chaser's can be just as offensive as Yes The Truth Hurts when I first exposed you to them.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bolter & Chainsword Custom Dice

Kurgan made the announcement today that there will be custom BnC dice and dice bags for order. Below is the bulk of his announcement with some editing by me...
Ok everyone, it has been 2 years since the last dice run. While folks really liked the dice, they weren't so thrilled with the company we had making them at the time. So we've taken that time since to research and get to where we wanted in terms of both art and a supplier. We fully believe that we won't have the issues from the supplier that happened last time for a myriad of reason, the biggest being the new supplier gives us a guaranteed delivery date.

Assault on Magnir's Crag

As was established in the Bloodbath at Volanof post I like castles (or any fortified emplacement). So after seeing the Volanof castle I decided to go looking for other amazing terrain pieces on the Games Workshop website. You have already seen the Empire Town. Below is some of the countless pictures and comments of a fortified Space Wolves fortress from a previous Games Day display...

In the tradition of the Games Day Mega Displays of yesteryear, the Design Studio decided that they wanted to bring something 'really cool' along to the UK Games Day this year. Determined to awe the masses with an innovative display, scenery gurus and model makers supreme Dave Andrews and Mark Jones rose to the fore, captaining an vision of Space Wolf madness that would stun and delight all who beheld it.

Over the following pages you'll see plenty of photographs focussing on just some of the highlights of this innovative and elaborate display, as well as work in progress shots and even some tips on how to copy some of the conversions for yourself.

The stained glass windows, by Studio illustrator Neil Hodgson feature illuminations of famous Space Wolves heroes.

Chapter Serfs and Servitors work tirelessly to rearm and refuel the Thunderhawk Gunship and return it into the fray.

Ever keen to reuse and recycle, Dave Andrews pressed his massive planetary defence laser into service once more - this time standing watch over Magnir's Crag.

Matt Holland also converted Svorin Jergensen, a celebrated knife fighter shown here tearing open the throat of a Hormagaunt.

The spire was built as a separate piece, using parts from all manner of kits, including Imperial Bastions, The Shrine of the Aquila, Fortress of Redemption and more besides.

With the scenery (mostly) built and (some) of the models painted, Dave and Mark put everything in place to get the feel of how it will all look.

Disclaimer - Images taken from Games Workshop website without permission. Images will be removed if requested.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mX: Lies, Parking & Names

Time Travel post!!! Fog today and rain on Wednesday. All the stories about us being a heat stricken land are lies. And it turns out so are Aussie resumes...
Dodgy resumes, fake references and lies about work experience are part and parcel of getting a job, a survery shows. A poll of more than 1000 Australians has revealed one-third of people admit they have told fibs during a job interview... Sarina Russo Job Access chief executive Kevin Ayer said the onus was on employers to double-check details, but if you cheat in the interview process you should be aware of the ramifications. "Not only could you not get the job or be dismissed, but if you have doctored records there could be other legal implications," he said.
- mX in Lying to get the job from 28th of July, 2010
Who the hell fakes resumes? Grow up you lieing cheats. Makes those of us who actually do what we say look suspicious. Speaking of suspicious. Has anyone looked at how much you are charged for parking in Sydney's CBD...
Sydney has been ranked as the fifth most expensive city in the world to park a car. Sydneysiders pay an average $60.90 a day for an unreserved spot in the CBD, according to the Collies International Parking Rate Survery 2010. This compares with just $35 a day in Melbourne and Brisbane, with $22 in Adelaide. The only cities more expensive that Sdney are Abu Dhabi, Oslo, Tokyo and London...
mX in Parking a top 10 world hit from 28th of July, 2010
Yeah thats right America we beat you in something. And be careful because soon we will beat you with our overweight and obese population. Of course the Brits are probably coming first when it comes to weird names...
A list of the top 20 most unusual names of the decade has been released - with Shy, Unity and Bean just some of the cruel legacies parents have passed on to their children. The weird monikers emerged after researchers trawled through millions of recorded names given to UK newborns since 2000. Much of the inspiration for the top 20 names was footballers and musicians... Of those who chose alternative names, more than one in 10 admitted regretting their decision to veer from the norm. And 14% of oddly named youngsters were desperate to change their names... Top 20 unusual names: 1. Shy 2. Unity 3. Bean 4. Zowie 5. Puppy 6. Ice 7. Victory 8. Porsche 9. D'Andre 10. Denim 11. Diesel 12. Armani 13. Rooney 14. Bowie 15. Cobain 16. Stone 17. Gift 18. Echo 19. Heaven 20. Maroon.
mX in He does look like a Bean from 28th of July, 2010

John Carter's Black Templar Army

This army just screams individuality. No miniature looks alike with conversion work obvious on every miniature. I'm glad the Andy took some pictures of these miniatures as only a fraction of the hobby community can visit Warhammer World. As usual original commentary below with any of my thoughts in italics...

Yesterday someone in the office had mentioned an army that's on show in the Citadel Miniatures Hall in Warhammer World. So this morning I headed over to take a look. As you walk in, on the right-hand side, you can see John Carters Black Templar Army. The note that accompanies the army says that it won Best Painted Army in Heat 3 of the Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament in 2006. When you look at the images below you will see why.

For me it is the theme of the army that really brings it to life. John took his inspiration from a piece of background on Page 20 of the Black Templar Codex, called the Crusade of the Ophidium Gulf. In the crusade the Black Templars fight alongside the Dark Angels and then mysteriously disappear. John has worked tirelessly to build this theme into his army so although the Space Marines look like they are from the 41st Millennium there are small touches that hint at the fact that they might have been lost to humanity for some time, fighting to clear the name of their Castellan.

John's Terminator squad is accompanied by a sarcophagus containing the body of the crusade leader, Castellan Raimer. John was inspired to make this piece by the art on the cover of the Codex. He used the coffin from the Black Coach and four Watchers in the Dark to hold it up. For Castellan Raimer he took a Space Marine Chaplain and remodelled him to fit inside.

In-keeping with the theme John set out for the army he wanted the jump packs on his Assault Squad to look different. To do this he used the backpacks from some old Raptor models. The models themselves are a combination of Assault Marines and Red Scorpion Space Marines from Forge World. He has also included a conversion of Kayvaan Shrike which you can see on the right. Remember boys and girls Black Templar Assault Marines do not fit into balanced all-comer lists.

John's Dreadnought is a great example of the detail he produces on his bases and the difference they make to his army. John creates his snow by mixing Modelling Snow with PVA until you get the consistency of mash potatoes; at this point he applies it to the base. The stalagmites were made by taking a flying stand and putting it into a pencil sharpener until he got the desired shape. He also added bolter rounds by dipping plastic rods into Shining Gold and then cutting them to size and placing them carefully on the base.

John's Land Speeder is the Tempest from Forge World. To achieve the deep red colour he used a Scab Red basecoat and highlighted it up to Blood Red before adding a red wash. Again he paid a lot of attention to the base, using pieces from the barricades set as well the Imperial Sector buildings, Forge World roads, sand and green stuff. Click on the image for a closer look

Disclaimer - Images taken from Games Workshop website and will be removed if requested.

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mX: Houses, Leaks & Cellulite

On the train home from my first day back at uni I got to read mX while listening to some AC/DC...
Eight out of 10 Australians are worrid about a lack of infrastructure and afforable housing given the growing and ageing population, new research shows... [It] found more than 90 per cent of Australians believed both federal and state governments needed to do more as the country's population over 65 doubles nad the number of tax payers to support tem halves...
- mX in It's the same old problem from 27th of July, 2010
We have known about this issue for years. Other than the introduction of compulsory Superannuation and the gradual increase of retirement age very little has been done. Keatings, Howard and Rudd should of done alot more in preperation for when the first lot of Baby Boomers hit retirement age (Krudd did squat). Now we get to look forward to a decrease supply of skilled labour. Our infrastructure can not sustain a growing population and eventually we will reach a critical point where growth will decline. Be interested to see the response of Urbanites when they discover their properties are worth alot less than they paid for. Lets hope there isn't any leaky houses...
The founder of Wikileaks says the 90, 000 files on the war in Afghanistan leaked to newspapers appear to contain evidence of war crimes... [Pentagon spokesman Geoff] Morrell said Wikileaks "didn't have the decency to contact this department and to alert us to the fact this informaion was about to be dumped, thereby potentially adversely impacting the well-being of our forces".
- mX in Leaked files point to US war crimes from 27th of July, 2010
War is war. We have brave men and women putting their lives on the line fighting against terrorism. That is all I'm going to say about what is happening in Afghanistan. Of course the Pentagon isn't the only group running into trouble...
Putting on your running shoes and pounding the streeets can give you cellulite, put straing on your heart and body and make you fatter, experts warn. London-based celecbrity personal trainer Greg Brookes, has put together a list of perils of running - and his first warning is it leads to cardiac problems... And he claims running also causes injury and makes your body hold on to fat... Contrary to popular belief, Brookes says running also slows down your metabolism, meaning your body starts to break down muscle for energy. And Marco Mastrorocco, a kickboxing gym manager in West London, warns running increases your chances of cellulite. "If exercise is sustained for too long ... it causes free radicals which in turn damage cells," he said. Brooke says getting your exercise fix should be through high intensity training... 10 minutes.
- mX in Running into big trouble from 27th of July, 2010

Tab Candy

This is just awesome... if Google Chrome doesn't get something as good as this in the coming months I will be changing browsers.

Thanks to Stelek for pointing this out.

The Knight Look

Who doesn't think Dreadnoughts look cool? Exactly no one. And everyone also thinks Knights look cool. So what happens when you combine Tim Davis and those two awesome concepts? You get this...

Tim Davis converted his Venerable Dreadnought by combining two different sarcophagi fronts to create what he refers to as a 'knight look'. Tim also cut and repositioned the Dreadnoughts legs and added extra cabling using guitar wire. Click on the image link to see the rear of the model and get a better look at the legs. Notice the extra wiring he's added underneath the power plant.
- Andy from What's New Today
Disclaimer - Images taken from the Games Workshop website without permission. Conversion done by Tim Davis a.k.a Dezart Fox. They will be removed if requested.

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Whiskey, 40k and Bikinis...

This is one of those articles that can be an eye opener for some players. It may show the difference between the competitive gamer and the WAAC gamer. Or the difference between a Rogue Trader Veteran and an Advanced Gamer who started in 3rd Edition. My thoughts are in purple italics with any links added in by me...
OK, so a rare moment of 40k tactics discussion. Though, it gets a little rambly (my style, I suppose).
Most people, even Veterans, play 40k at a rudimentary level. I'd like to see more people escalate their game ... and see the game for what it really is - largely NOT luck-based (or, it doesn't have to be), and relatively balanced across most codices as a result. Competitive 40k should not be about the lucky dice or pairing.
My buddy Z and I played a game last night ... he has an excellent Ork list, and I had a wolf list I just threw together and had never played before (proxytime). Despite him putting on a lot of pressure and making no target priority errors, the game ended with me down about 350 points, and him down about 1650 points. Neither of us had good or bad luck beyond norms ... in fact, at one point he made 13 of 14 cover saves on vehicles. How do you win a game like that? I'm going to avoid the battle report, b/c it's not the point at present.

Imperial Outpost

Another What's New Post and this one gives an idea on how to use all of those sprue pieces when building terrain. As usual original commentary below...

Jon Gerlech, another local hobbyist, is currently converting a Fortress of Redemption into an Imperial Outpost. He's added wall sections from various Warhammer 40,000 building kits and rubble made from chopped-up bits of frame. Dan told me that 'Jon's going for something that's less well armed and armoured than a full-on Fortress of Redemption - a minor outpost or the like'. Perhaps that's why it's been pounded into ruin.

Disclaimer - Images taken from the Games Workshop website. Imperial output created by Jon Gerlech. If request the images will be removed.

'Ard Boyz 2010 Results

Below is Danny Internets thoughts on this years 'Ard Boyz...
The 2010 Warhammer 40,000  ‘Ard Boyz Finals were held this past Saturday, July 17th, at three locations distributed throughout the US to accomodate players from around the country. The West coast saw players duke it out in the LA Bunker. In the Midwest, qualifying finalists did battle at the Chicago Battle Bunker, as in previous years. And in the East, asses were kicked and names were taken at Showcase Comics in Media, PA. The top three players from 362 different stores hosting the Preliminaries qualified to compete for huge prizes at the 42 Semi-Finals tournament locations. These 1086 players were pared down to a mere 126 invited to attend the above mentioned Finals. Of these 126, 3 were crowned champion this past weekend.
Turnout nation-wide looks better than the last couple of years thanks to the decision to host the event at multiple locations, however, individually, two of the events struggled to bring in players. I chose not to attend for a variety of personal reasons, not the least of which was pressure from my wife regarding planning our upcoming (belated) wedding reception. Being burnt out on not just 2500 points but 40k in general, I didn’t even fight it. However, I imagine that the decision not to award prizes at the Finals (especially odd considering the unbelievably awesome prizes given at the Semi-Finals) turned away many, even those who could have made a day trip out of the event. All in all there was a 66% turnout rate with 83 of 126 finalists attending one of the three events.
I’ve scoured the various 40k communities online to gather up this information, but many gaps remain. I will be updating this information as it comes to my attention. Please feel free to email me or comment if you’ve got something to add.
On to the results: click here
- Danny Internets from Bald & Screaming
On other news I got special mention by Brent over on Strictly Average...
Messanger of Death (he means to spell it that way) showed up with proof of Dethtron's crime.  If it isn't a felony, it should be!  Of course, MoD was extorting me for the information, but given I wanted proof of a crime I was willing to overlook it. False!!! Not Brent made him think I did. There's a lesson there, by the by.
- Brent 

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The More 40k You Know - ICs on Bikes

If you enjoy running your HQ's on bikes you'll want to know this. All independent characters have skilled rider and move through cover. (pg. 47) This allows you to re roll a failed dangerous terrain test or roll 3 d6 while moving on foot taking the highest. So next time you face plant your Farseer into a tree remember that you get a re roll and will most likely keep on trucking.
- LittleBoyBlues in The More 40k You Know
This is the final rules post for the week stolen borrowed from The Hogs of War. If by now you haven't taken the time to explore their blog I encourage you to do so. They look at the hobby from a holisitic point of view with rules and advance gaming only being a fraction of their content. You will find posts on up coming releases from Games Workshop, other miniature companies, product reviews, the latest rumors and even painting/converting tips.

The Chaser's Filler Song

Since I'm off at work right now I have scheduled for this Chaser's song to pop up. Enjoy my non-exsistent readers and imaginary friends...

Ork Scenery

We all like to see a table covered in terrific looking scenery. This old What's New Today post may go alittle too heavy on cover and potential blocking of TLoS. But that doesn't stop it from looking awesome. The original commentary has been added in...

Back at the beginning of January I showed you some pictures of an Ork-themed Warhammer 40,000 board that Blake Spence from the Warhammer World scenery team was working on. Here it is for those curious. After talking about the forthcoming Imperial Armour 8 in yesterday's post, which features a campaign on an Ork held Imperial world, I was reminded of Blake's board. So this morning I popped up to Warhammer World to see how the board was coming on and found it finished and ready for use in the gaming hall. Here's a look at how it turned out.

Blake wanted the board to represent an Imperial world that had been overrun by Orks. All of the structures have been made using parts from the plastic building sets and various Space Marine and Imperial Guard vehicles.

Blake made this by combining parts from an Ork Battlewagon, two Leman Russ tanks and a couple of Basilisks. I love the way this vehicle doesn't have a clear front - very Orky.

Notice the Valkyrie hull that Blake's added to the side of the building. It's the only entrance to the building as the Orks have cunningly boarded up all the actual entrances...

Blake refers to this piece as 'the crusher' and said 'it's where the Orks mash up vehicles into smaller, more usable pieces. Well, after they've used some Grots to test it's working correctly'.

This piece adds to the board's narrative - imagine the Orks heading underground to collect fuel and then loading it onto the Trukk. There is though, a certain irony in using an Imperial Guard air unit as the entrance to an underground bunker.

Disclaimer - Images taken from the Games Workshop website. Ork scenery creaded by Blake Spence. Images will be removed if requested.

The Brain Dead ETC

My response to this post from 40Kings. The post is a response to this. It is nothing more than me putting my thoughts down in purple italics. This will be done in a similar fasion to Dethtrons snowmobile but without the naughty words and insults...
I am pretty sure most of our readers have a rough idea of what “Yes the truth hurts” is and if not, for your own amusement you should go ahead and visit the blog. We will come to see by the end of this that Braindead doesn't visit YTTH as much as he seems to believe. It often makes for a fun read and most certainly keeps new ideas coming, although admittely, most of them are pretty bad when it comes to strategy and army composition. Stelek must understand something about army composition since others on 40Kings agreed with him that the Team America lists were terrible. Lets say it is just the way he (Stelek) roles – and wins at his local gaming club.

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Blog Changes and other stuff

Made some cosmetic changes to the blog which includes the addition of the labels widget and the renaming of my blog rolls. Keep in mind my non-existent readers that the blog is a snap shot of my interests. So not everything will be hobby related as can be seen with the mX, Chaser and Invasion of Privacy posts. There will also be some College Humour and videos.

Some other things to note. I will start posting on TKE's blog as a guest author. They will mostly be collaborative posts with Brother Loring on the Black Templars' 4th Edition Codex. Although I am hoping TKE will let me post some Chaser videos. Spring semester goes back next week so expect to see an increase in scheduled posts for some time.

And I still haven't found out if Jwolf has a blog yet. So if any of my non-existent readers or imaginary friends know please leave a comment.

Assaulting an Existing Combat... Who Fights?

It is hard to imagine someone struggling to understand how Multiple Combats work out. But it may be helpful for someone out there...
I have had this issue come up time and time again. Two units will be locked in hand to hand. Neither unit breaks or is wiped out. On the next turn a fresh unit charges into the melee. The question then comes up - who can swing at who?
Here is the actual wording from the 40k Rule Book as well as the bullet point added in with the errata -
  • Models that were engaged with just one of the enemy units at the beginning of the combat (before any model attacked) must attack that unit.
  • Models that were engaged with more than one enemy unit at the beginning of the combat (before any model attacked) may split their attacks freely between those units. Declare how they are splitting their attacks immediately before rolling to hit.
  • Models that at the beginning of the combat (before any model attacked) were engaged with more than one enemy unit, but were in base contact with just one of the enemy units, must attack that unit [Note - the next rule covered in the Errata also refers to Multiple Combats... reading it may make the rest of this post pointless].
Where a lot of confusion arises out of these rules is what it means by 'beginning of the combat.'
Here we have the section from the INAT FAQ that covers this topic -
RB.41C.01 – Q: The rules on page 41 seem to indicate that a unit fighting in an existing close combat that is charged by another enemy unit cannot direct their attacks at this new threat. Is this correct? A: No. The “beginning of the combat” is after all assault moves are completed, therefore a model in base contact with multiple enemy units can always choose to attack an enemy unit that has just charged it [RAW]. [Note - I prefer to avoid using the INAT Rule Book when it comes to working out rule questions]
When you look at all these different pieces together knowing what the 'beginning of the combat' means it all clicks into place. Whether or not a unit charged into a combat really has no bearing on who gets to swing - you just look at all the models once everyone has moved (but before any attacks are made) and figure out who gets to swing.
There will still be instances where units can't swing at certain units, but this should be a pretty rare case and will not happen near as often as people think.
- Big D in Who Gets to Fight? - Assaulting an Existing Combat
Edit - looks like Taak struggled to understand Multiple Combats.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Chaser's Stairway to Kevin (Krudd)

For all you non-Australians out there that haved missed out on one of Australia's funniest shows I present a new irregular feature on Imperial Life. The Chaser's War on Everything. It is like Yes The Truth Hurts. But instead of raging on about plastic toys they look at more serious things like politics, celebrities and Americans. So ladies and gentlenerds I present to you the one, the only The Chaser's War on Everything...

Disclaimer - I take no responsibility for any of my possible bad grammar.

Classic Chaos Space Marines - Advance Order

Worshippers of Chaos have spilt the blood of many enemies for their dark patrons for thousands of years. And it appears their sacrifice has resulted in some new miniatures to add to their warbands. Original commentary by Andy is below with my own thoughts...

Last Tuesday the Chaos Gods spewed a host of new Daemon models into the material realm, and today they've deemed us worthy of a second helping. First up are Khorne's elite cavalry, the Bloodcrushers, which are now a multi-part plastic kit. Next, Tzeentch's most powerful sorcerer, Kairos Fateweaver. Finally, the gods have clubbed together to create two new Bitz Packs - one pack of Familiars and another containing some classic Chaos Space Marine miniatures.

This is the first time we've ever had a model for Kairos. In Warhammer he's the most powerful magic user a Daemons of Chaos player can field, and in Warhammer 40,000 he allows all nearby Daemons to re-roll their saves. I'm sure he'll be a regular sight on the battlefield

Also available to advance order from today are the two Bitz Packs listed below. The More Famous Familiars set is full of characterful models you can use to personalise your Chaos units, add to dioramas and use as Familiars. I've also listed the original Familiars pack in case you fancy combining the two. There are about 3 miniatures out of the dozen or so that I can see myself liking. And for 40+ AUD that isn't really worth it on a student budget. For Warhammer 40,000 players Traitors of Chaos set is great for adding Aspiring Champions to your units.

For ten thousand years the Traitor Legions have waged a relentless war against mankind. Sworn to the service of their foul gods and determined to crush the weakling Imperium of the false Emperor, the Chaos Space Marines will not rest until they have overthrown the Emperor and defeated his servants forever. That is from the little description on the product page.

Who doesn't think that Emperor's Children Space Marine looks cool? Not me...

Disclaimer - Images taken from the Games Workshop website and will be removed if requested.

Walkers in Close Combat... How Many Attacks?

The fourth post of the week from The Hogs of War. Title of the post says it all really...
When fighting a Dreadnought or Walker in hand to hand how many attacks do you lose for - losing an arm, being shaken, being stunned, or being immobilized? When do you determine when you lose attacks? This comes up every so often in our games and it is always something that we have to look up or we do it wrong.
From the Warhammer 40k Rule Book page 73 -
  • Immobilised and/or stunned walkers fight in close combat with one less attack than usual (to a minimum of 1), but otherwise attack normally, no matter how many immobilised and stunned results they suffered.
  • Shaken damage results do not affect the way a walker fights in close combat.
  • If a walker is armed with two or more close combat weapons, it gains one bonus attack for each additional weapon over the first.
  • If one of its additional weapons is destroyed, one bonus attack is lost.
So heres the deal - 
  • If you are stunned or immobilized (or both) you lose one close combat attack. Since it doesn't say you check for this at the start of combat (like it does with attacking with grenades vs. a stunned or immobilised walker) if you manage to stun or immobilize the walker before it gets to swing it will lose one attack [Note - as per the first point above].
  • Shaken doesn't do anything to a walker in hand to hand [Note - as per the second point above].
  • Here's the tricky part. If you blow off a walkers close combat arm, and it was the only one they were armed with, they don't lose an attack [Note - only the bonus attacks from the ADDITIONAL weapons can be lost as per the fourth point above]. They do however loose the doubling of strength and no longer ignore armor saves [Note - this refers to Dreadnought Close Combat Weapons which is in the box on page 73 of the Big Red Rulebook].
  • If you blow off a walkers close combat arm and they were armed with more than one, they lose the bonus attack granted by that arm. Again, since it doesn't say to check for number of attacks at the start of combat, if your opponent manages to blow an arm off before you get to swing you will lose the bonus attack.
I hope this helps! I know I even learned a few things from going over all of this that I have missed in the past. Let me know if I missed anything or if I have interpreted anything wrong!
- Big D in Dreadnoughts and Walkers in Close Combat - How Many Attacks?
And while we are on the topic of Dreadnoughts. Head over to the Work in Progress (WiP) sub-forum of The Bolter and Chainsword to look at Pizzasemmel's stunning Black Templar Dreadnought conversion. It is made of pure win.

The Forum Paradigm

Last week two posts popped up in the blog-o-sphere that resulted in a thousand fluff nazis cry out at once in terror and then suddenly silenced.

On the 14th of July at approximately 17:40 the anti-forum was develop by a group of dedicated scientists over at Laubersheimer Industries. Shortly afterwards a group of Irish holligans defined the Forum Paradigm...
Forum Paradigm: Eloquent explanations with crap conclusions trump poor explanations with good conclusions.
Both these breakthroughs have helped in the war against The Idiocracy and their evil plan to stagnat the development of gamers everywhere. However, recent reports from the front lines suggest The Idiocracy is making a backlash by infiltrating the blog-o-sphere. If they succed they will continue to dictate the way The Hobby is played for another decade.

Take heart my beloved non-existent readers and imaginary friends as hope is not lost. A small band of counter-culture warriors have created The Chamber Militant. Alongside the ZombYs they have challanged the authority of The Idiocracy. The task is clear brothers and sisters. Rise up against those who would take our Competitive Tournaments. Give them nothing but mayhem.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's Shocking... many people make the same simple mistake that Iggy made. Its down to the bottom of Turn 6 and the other guys mum is waiting for him in the car. You have one objective while he has another. One of his Dakka Predators is within 10" of your scoring squad. At this point he can Tank Shock or fire the guns. What does he do? Obviously fire the guns at the full strength squad and hope to force a moral check. Wait what!?! They have a melta-gun in the squad. *facepalm* But why do hobbyists make this mistake? Who knows but we might as well look at the rules on page 69 of the Big Red Book...
If a unit has been attacked by a tank shock passes its Morale test, one of its models in the vehicle path can stand and attempt to destroy it rather than move out of the way (this is potentially a rather suicidal thing to do!)... If the model successfully managed to stun, destroy or immobilise it, the vehicle grinds to a halt directly in front of the heroic individual (or blows up there!).
- Page 69 of the Big Red Book
Bold added by me to emphasis just how misunderstood this rule is. Do NOT fear the power fist or melta-gun. And even if they are directly infront of you that doesn't mean the SINGLE attack will destroy your tank. Chances are you will grind to a halt infront of them and possibly contest the objective.

Edit - here is Brother Loring's look at the basics of  Tank Shocking over on the Pinktastic blog.

Cvinton suffers Fluid Overload

This post by Cvinton, from Dark Future Games, popped up in my blog roll today. Now normally I don't make it a habit to click on posts straight away (unless it is from Kirby's Pinktastic blog). But the name got my attention*... I've lost my body. So how did poor Cvinton loss his body? He added to much water and suffered from lysis. Lets hope he makes a full recovery
*clever marketing campaigns... atleast he isn't trying to get readers by using semi-nude chicks

Hall of Heroes - Black Templars

Design Studio - Codex: Space Marines (3rd Ed) by Andy Chambers et al.

  • Alhaus, Captain, provided personal commentary on the Legiones Astartes Daily Rituals

Note: Upon the eve of battle, it is customary amongst the Imperial Fists and their successors, most notably the Black Templars, to gather in pray to the Emperor and Rogal Dorn. One of these brethren will be over come with an ecstatic vision. This brethren will become the Champion of the Emperor.

Design Studio - Codex: Armageddon by Andy Chambers, Jervis Johnson & Gav Thorpe

  • Sigismund, High Marshal
  • Helbrecht, High Marshal, elected in 989.M41
  • Navarre, Captain, 4th Crusade
  • Hexil, Techmarine
  • Mikael, Brother
  • Light of Purity, Strike Cruiser
  • Honos, Razorback

Design Studio - Codex: Black Templars (4th Ed) by Graham McNeill

  • Sigismund, High Marshal, First Emperor's Champions
  • Gerwald, High Marshal
  • Sigenandus, High Marshal, Wars of Apostasy
  • Ludoldus, High Marshal, Vinculus Crusader, eternal Morator Crusade, Jerulas Crusade (645.M39)
  • Kordhel, High Marshal
  • Helbrecht, High Marshal, Vinculus Crusade (neophyte), Battle of Fire and Blood, Armageddon Crusade
  • Gervhart, Marshal, Athalor Crusader, Second Purging of Lastrati
  • Austein (deceased), Marshal, Donian Crusade (985.M39)
  • Wernher, Marshal, Donian Crusade (c.988.M39), Thangdron Crusade
  • Daidin, Marshal
  • Ricard, Marshal, Dimaris Crusade, Armageddon Crusade
  • Amalrich, Marshal, Tiberior Crusade, Armageddon Crusade
  • Grimaldus, Chaplain, Hero of Helsreach, Battle of Fire and Blood, Armageddon Crusade
  • Fergas Nils, Chaplain
  • Emmerich, Chaplain, Horeth Crusade
  • Augustin, Chaplain, Donian Crusade
  • Leuter, Chaplain, Donian Crusade
  • Gerlach, Dreadnought, Donorian Crusade
  • Metos, Dreadnought
  • Navarre, Emperor's Champion, Captain of the Banner, Wars of Apostasy
  • Ulricus, Emperor's Champion, Vinculus Crusader
  • Tomas, Emperor's Champion, Donian Crusade
  • Raimer, Castellan, Garon Nebula Crusade
  • Heinman, Castellan, Fighting Company Heinman, Donian Crusade
  • Lazarus, Castellan, Fighting Company Lazarus, Donian Crusade
  • Lazarus Gotchalcus, Castellan, Fighting Company Gotchalcus, Donian Crusade
  • Tonis, Crusade Banner Bearer, Donian Crusade
  • Eckehart, Household Banner Bearer, Donian Crusade
  • Klesel, Banner Bearer, Fighting Company Heinman, Donian Crusade
  • Balthasar, Banner Bearer, Fighting Company Lazarus, Donian Crusade
  • Hildebrandt, Banner Bearer, Fighting Company Gotchalcus, Donian Crusade
  • Sigmas, Marine Artificer, discovered the Land Raider Crusader
  • Antioch, Marine Artificer
  • Lorenzo, Sword Brethren, Varl Crusade
  • Crassus, Sword Brethren
  • Uther, Sword Brethren
  • Eternal Crusader, Battle Barge
  • Sigismund's Light, Battle Barge, Donian Crusade
  • Heracles, Forgeship, Donian Crusade
  • Dorn's Sword, Strike Cruiser, Donian Crusade
  • Ophidium Gulf, Strike Cruiser, Garon Crusade
  • Apocalypton, Strike Cruiser, Donian Crusade
  • Holscht, Chapter Keep
  • Cephian IV, Chapter Keep
  • Fergax, Chapter Keep
  • Khreak, Chapter Keep
  • Nimbosa, Hebrak Mountains, Chapter Keep
  • Prayer of Repugnance
  • Verses of Sigismund
  • Second Book of Chantings
  • Litany of Devotion

Reference: The Temple of Dorn is the central shrine within the Eternal Crusader. It contains fragments of Rogal Dorn's armour, the Black Sword of Sigismund, and the banner carried by Captain Navarre at the Siege of Imperial Palace during the Age of Apostasy.

Design Studio - Rulebook (5th Ed) by Alessio Cavatore

  • Helbrecht, High Marshal
  • Gimaldus, Chaplain

Reference: The Howling, 401.M34 - Black Templars end the Catelexis Heresy by executing the Cacodominus.

Reference: The Crusade of Wrath, 888.M41 - Black Templars inflict heavy losses on the Word Bearers Legion and reclaim several systems in close proximity to the Maelstrom.

Reference: Black Templars are a fanatical chapter that have modified the Codex Astartes, and each crusade is led by a Marshal whose ad hoc company is assembled to pursue a particular goal.

Design Studio - Codex: Tyranids (5th Ed) by Robin Cruddace

  • Helbrecht, High Marshal, Crusade of Wrath 

Design Studio - Codex: Necrons (5th Ed) by Matthew Ward

  • Helbrecht, High Marshal
  • Sigismund, Battle Barge

Design Studio - Rulebook (6th Ed) by Adam Troke, Jeremy Vetock & Mat Ward

  • Helbrecht, High Marshal
  • Grimaldus, Chaplain

Reference: The Howling, 401.M34 - Black Templars end the Catelexis Heresy by executing the Cacodominus. The Cacodominus' death screams echoes and amplifies the Warp, burning out the minds of a billion astropaths and distoring the signal of the Astronomican. it is a steep cost for victory.

Reference: The Crusade of Wrath - 888.M41- Black Templars inflict heavy losses on the Word Bearers Legion, reclaiming several star systems previously lost in the Maelstrom.

Battlefleet Gothic - There is Only War: Conflicts of the 41st Millenium

  • Helbrecht, High Marshal

Reference: 'Helbrecht's Revenge' was the first state of the Armageddon Crusade to return space to Imperial control. A Space Marine fleet acting in wedge formation (a tactic allowing powerful forward bombardment whilst retaining as many defensive attributes as possible) closed upon the Ork hulk, Rokdroppa.

Forge World - Imperial Armour Vol 9: The Badab War - Part 1 by Alan Blight

Reference: In 869.M41, Black Templars declared a Crusade of Wrath into the Maelstrom. However, they were called away to aid the beleaguered realm of Ultramar in the wake of the Tyrannic War.

Forge World - Imperial Armour: Apocalypse II by Alan Bligh

Reference: the 'Iron Cyclone' Dreadnought Drop Strike was a formation believed to be named by Black Templars who used the tactic repeatedly during the Aegisine Crusade.

Black Library - Crusade for Armageddon by Jonathan Green

  • Sigismund, First High Marshal
  • Brant, Marshal, Solemnus Crusade
  • Adlar, Castellan, Solemnus Crusade, Plautas Campaign
  • Gerhard, Castellan, Solemnus Crusade
  • Renwyk, Castellan, Solemnus Crusade
  • Hagan, Castellan of Solemnus Chapter Keep
  • Wolfram, Chaplain, Solemnus Crusade
  • Ugo, Chaplain, Solemnus Crusade
  • Laji, Chaplain
  • Colber, Apothecary, Solemnus Crusade
  • Bliant, Apothecary, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Isendur, Techmarine, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Ansgar, Emperor's Champion, Solemnus Crusade
  • Jarold, Dreadnought, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Dedric, Dreadnought
  • Doane, Sergeant, Tactical Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Lir, Sergeant, Tactical Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Pendaran, Sergeant, Tactical Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Dynadin, Sergeant, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Garrond, Sergeant, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Bellangere, Sergeant, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Uther, Veteran Sergeant, Veteran Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Agravain, Sergeant, Veteran Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Vortimer, Sergeant, 1st Assault Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Phelan, Sergeant, Assault Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Jofrit, Brother, Adlar Command Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Halwan, Brother, Adlar Command Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Kalan, Brother, Adlar Command Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Murtagh, Brother, Banner Bearer, Adlar Command Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Hebron, Brother, Wolfram Command Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Kyner, Brother, Tactical Squad Doane, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Clust, Brother, Tactical Squad Lir, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Garek, Brother, Squad Bellangere, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Fiamain, Brother, Squad Bellangere, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Elazar, Brother, Squad Dynadin, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Sagramour, Veteran Brother, Veteran Squad Uther, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Leorad, Veteran Brother, Veteran Squad Uther, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Elidor, Veteran Brother, Veteran Squad Uther, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Thayer, Brother, Veteran Squad Uther, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Brannor, Brother, Veteran Squad Agravain, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Benat, Brother, Veteran Squad Agravain, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Kemen, Brother, Veteran Squad Agravain, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Bryce, Brother, Squad Vortimer, 1st Assault Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Notker, Brother, Squad Vortimer, 1st Assault Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Halwan, Brother, Squad Vortimer, 1st Assault Squad, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Horek, Brother, Exalibur's Pilot, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Tortain, Brother, Exhalibur's Gunner, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Daman, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Bladud, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Padarn, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Lairgnen, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Calles, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Celidon, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Escanor, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Meinrad, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Tage, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Carde, Brother, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Cavell, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Gauthier, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Naldo, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Torkel, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Faxon, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Gervais, Neophyte, Garek's Apprentice, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Mabon, Neophyte, Kyner's Apprentice, Fighting Company Adlar, Solemnus Crusade
  • Divine Fury, Battle Barge, Flagship
  • Hammer of Wrath, Battle Barge
  • Goliath, Forgeship
  • Vengeance is Mine, Strike Cruiser
  • Crusader's Sword, Strike Cruiser
  • Sigismund's Wrath, Strike Cruiser
  • No Pity, Strike Cruiser
  • Exalibur, Land Speeder
  • Hall of Heroes, Solemnus Chapter Keep
  • Archivum Astartes
  • Prayer of Holy Supplication
  • Prayers of Protection

Black Library - Conquest of Armageddon by Jonathan Green

Black Library - Helsreach by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

  • Rogal Dorn, Primarch, Golden Lord
  • Sigismund, First High Marshal
  • Helbrecht, High Marshal, Armageddon Crusade
  • Mordred the Black/Avenger, Reclusiarch of the Eternal Crusade and former mentor of Grimaldus
  • Ricard, Marshal, Armageddon Crusade
  • Amalrich, Marshal, Armageddon Crusade
  • Tarrisin, Marshal, Dathax Crusade
  • Duron, Castellan
  • Geraint, Sword Brethren, Armageddon Crusade
  • Lograine, Sword Brethren, Armageddon Crusade
  • Grimaldus, Chaplain, Knight of the Inner Circle, Hero of Helsreach, Reclusiarch of the Helsreach Crusade/Eternal Crusade
  • Artarion, Brother of Squad Grimaldus, Banner Bearer, Helsreach Crusade
  • Priamus, Emperor's Champion of Helsreach Crusade (former Brother of Squad Grimaldus)
  • Cador, Brother of Squad Grimaldus (former Sword Brethren), Helsreach Crusade
  • Nerovar, Apothecary of Squad Grimaldus, Helsreach Crusade
  • Bastilan, Sergeant of Squad Grimaldus, Helsreach Crusade
  • Bayard, Emperor's Champion of the Helsreach Crusade (former Sword Brethren)
  • Jurisian, Forgemaster a.k.a Master of the Forge
  • Dargravian, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Farus, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Thaliar, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Korith, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Toravan, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Amardes, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Halrik, Brother, Crusade Mark of Valiant Conduct, Helsreach Crusade
  • Angrad, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Vorenthar, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Erias, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Markosian, Brother, Crusade Mark of Unbroken Courage, Helsreach Crusade
  • Malathir, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Sithren, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Thalhaiden, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Darmere, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Ikarion, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Demes, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Gorthis, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Sulagon, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Naclides, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Kaleb, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Thorias, Brother-Pilot, Helsreach Crusade
  • Avandar, Brother-Pilot, Helsreach Crusade
  • Vanrich, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Anastus, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Troven, Brother-Pilot, Helsreach Crusade
  • Kaedus, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • Madoc, Brother, Helsreach Crusade
  • The Eternal Crusader, Flagship
  • Night's Vigil, Battle Barge
  • Majesty, Strike Cruiser
  • Avenged, Thunderhawk
  • Temple of Dorn, Reclusiam aboard The Eternal Crusader
  • Valiant Hall

Reference: Dorn's personal heraldry inspired that of his Templar sons.

Reference: When Horus and Dorn made war together, they would make an oath in blood. Clasping hands, they would each swear that they would stand "until the end". It is the most binding oath, spoken been Templar who know they will never see another war. When a Templar knows he will die, it is the promise he gives to his brothers that he will stand with honour until he can longer stand at all (p. 204)

Reference: Chaplains are the keeper of a Chapter's lore, soul, traditions and purity. The Ecclesiarchy of Terra support the ancient rites, and the authority of every Chapter's Reclusiam to train warrior-priests to guide the souls of its battle-brothers. The Ecclesiarchy do not invest Chaplains with power, they recognise they already hold it.

Reference: a Crusade's most sacred tradition is that the Black Sword remains in black hands until there are none left to bear it (p. 396)

Black Library - Heroes of the Space Marines: And They Shall Know No Fear... by Darren Cox

  • Castellan Marius Reinhart
  • Brother-Chaplain Mathias Vlain
  • Brother-Sergeant Janus
  • Brother-Techmarine Cerebus
  • Brother-Techmarine Fernus
  • Sword Brother Gorgon
  • Sword Brother Sangril
  • Sword Brother Charsild
  • Sword Brother Eklain
  • Sword Brother Apollos
  • Brother Apothacary Ackolon
  • Sword Brother Dorner
  • Sword Brother Gerard
  • Sword Brother Julius
  • Marshal Gervhart of the Athelor Crusade
  • High Marshal Ludolus
  • Brother Dreadnought Ezekial Yesod
  • Neophye Helbrecht
  • Revenant, Flagship

Note - the short story takes place on Stygia XII which is home to the abandoned Chapter Keep called Montgisard. The Chapter Keep was founded by Marshal Gervhart during the Athelor Crusade.

Black Library - Armageddon Omnibus: Sanctuary by Jonathan Green

  • Brant, Marshal, Solemnus Crusade
  • Wolfram, Chaplain, Solemnus Crusade
  • Gerhard, Castellan, Solemnus Crusade
  • Isendur, Techmarine, Solemnus Crusade
  • Lohengrin, Veteran Sergeant, Solemnus Crusade
  • Olaf, Veteran Sergeant, Fighting Company Gerhard, Solemnus Crusade
  • Nudd, Terminator-Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Folke, Protector, Solemnus Crusade
  • Meleagant, Brother, Fighting Company Gerhard, Solemnus Crusade
  • Rivalin, Brother, Fighting Company Gerhard, Solemnus Crusade
  • Josef, Brother, Fighting Company Gerhard, Solemnus Crusade
  • Koldo, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Ansgar, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Wuhur, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Elidor, Veteran-Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Gauthier, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Hale, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Carrado, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Uland, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Uchdryd, Apostle-Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Taran, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Naois, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Kier, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Drust, Brother, Solemnus Crusade
  • Brehus, Brother-Pilot, Solemnus Crusade
  • Petrus, Neophyte, Fighting Company Gerhard, Solemnus Crusade
  • Divine Fury, Battle Barge
  • Goliath, Forgeship
  • Paladin, Thunderhawk

Black Library - Legends of the Space Marines: The Relic by Jonathan Green

  • Brother Dreadnought Jarold of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Emperor's Champion Ansgar of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother-Chaplain Wolfram of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Techmarine Isendur of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Dreadnought Dedric possibly of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Larce of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Nyle of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Tobrecan of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Isen of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Leax of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Neophyte Gervais of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Neophyte Feran of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Neophyte Eadif of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Neophyte Galan of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Egeslic of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Fraomar of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Sergeant Bellangere of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Garr of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Heolstor of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Derian of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Eghan of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Brother Clust of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Marshal Brant of the Solemnus Crusade
  • Goliath, Forgeship 

Note - throughout the short story some Black Templars are referred to as Initiate or Gunner. I have collected them all under the title Brother.

Black Library - Hammer & Bolter: Vox Dominus by Anthony Reynolds

Reference: The witch Chattox, a descendent of Davin, was slain by Black Templars.

Black Library - The Emperor's Chosen (eBook) by Mike Lee

  • Vorhalt, Castellan
  • Karst, Chaplain
  • Reinhart, Emperor's Champion (former Initiate)
  • Amalthus, Techmarine
  • Litanies of Hate

Reference: the red ruby set into the pommel of the Black Sword symbolizes the blood spilt by the Emperor at the Battle for Terra.

Black Library - Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders

  • Alighieri, Castellan, Brethren of the Sword, Veteran of the Volchis, Deltamagne and Hive Nimbus Crusades.
  • Bellicose, Pocket Frigate

Black Library - Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill

  • Helbretch, High Marshal
  • Kul Gilad, Reclusiarch, Scar Crusade (slain by Eldar)
  • Auiden, Apothecary, Scar Crusade
  • Aelius, Emperor's Champion, Dantium Gate (slain by Eldar)
  • Varda, Emperor's Champion, Scar Crusade
  • Tanna, Sergeant, Scar Crusade
  • Issur, Brother, Scar Crusade
  • Atticus, Brother, Scar Crusade
  • Bracha, Brother, Scar Crusade
  • Yael, Brother, Scar Crusade
  • Eternal Crusader, Battlebarge
  • Adytum, modified rapid Strike Cruiser
  • Barisan, Thunderhawk 

Reference: The Emperor's Champion of the Scar Crusade was chosen through narcotic visions. Each Templar took deep breaths of a chemical-laden smoke, their lungs filling with the secrets encoded into its molecular arrangement. Only the genesmiths of the Eternal Crusader knew the origin of the incense, and only by their strange alchemy could it be rendered.

Reference: Only in death is the Black Sword passed onto the next Emperor's Champion.

Reference: Despite being a Non-Codex Chapter, the Black Templars rank markings and the like still owe a great deal to the Ultramarines.

Games Workshop Website - Painting Black Templars Iconography

  • Brother Sergeant Atheon of the Declates Crusade
  • Brother Zatliev of the Thetus Crusade
  • Brother Hectarius of the Centrati Crusade

Index Astartes II - Righteous Zeal by Gav Thorpe

  • Sigismund, High Marshal, Emperor's Champion
  • Helbrecht, High Marshal (elected 989.M41)
  • Austein, Marshal, Donian Crusade (deceased c.988)
  • Wernher, Marshal, Donian Crusade, Thangdron Crusade
  • Tomas, Emperor's Champion, Donian Crusade
  • Augustin, Chaplain, Donian Crusade
  • Leuter, Chaplain, Donian Crusade
  • Tonis, Crusade Banner Bearer, Donian Crusade
  • Eckehart, Household Banner Bearer, Donian Crusade
  • Heinman, Castellan, Fighting Company Heinman, Donian Crusade
  • Klesel, Company Banner Bearer, Fighting Company Heinman, Donian Crusade
  • Lazarus Gotchalcus, Castellan, Fighting Company Gotchalcus, Donian Crusade
  • Hildebrandt, Company Banner Bearer, Fighting Company Gotchalcus, Donian Crusade
  • Lazarus, Castellan, Fighting Company Lazarus, Donian Crusade
  • Balthasar, Company Banner Bearer, Fighting Company Lazarus, Donian Crusade
  • Navarre, Captain, 4th Crusade
  • Simagus, Marine-Artificer, Jerulas Crusade
  • Hexil, Techmarine, Armageddon Crusade
  • Mikael, Brother, Armageddon Crusade
  • Eternal Crusader, Battle Barge
  • Sigismund's Light, Battle Barge, Donian Crusade
  • Heracles, Forgeship, Donian Crusade
  • Dorn's Sword, Strike Cruiser, Donian Crusade
  • Apocalypton, Strike Cruiser, Donian Crusade
  • Light of Purity, Strike Cruiser
  • Terrible Angel, Imperial Fists' Strike Cruiser

White Dwarf 297 Oz Edition - Battle Report: Seek and Destroy

  • Marshal Skordanos

Note - the above are from Pete Haines' army used in a battle report against a Beil-Tan Warhost

White Dwarf 311 Oz Edition - Chosen of the Emperor: Black Templar Designer's Notes

  • Emperor's Champion and High Marshal Sigismund
  • Chaplain Grimaldus, Hero of Helreach
  • High Marshal Helbrecht, Successor of the High Marshal Kordhel

White Dwarf 311 Oz Edition - Assault on Cephian IV: New Black Templar Missions

  • Brother-Chaplain Develain, Castellan of Cephian IV
  • Castellan Ulliquel of the Thunder Crusade

White Dwarf 312 Oz Edition - Accept Any Challenge: Collecting a Black Templar force by Matt Hudson

  • Brother-Chaplain Segestus of the Lastrati Crusade
  • Emperor's Champion Fulcaris of the Lastrati Crusade
  • Brother Malorix, Venerable Dreadnought of the Lastri Crusade

Note - the above are from Matt Hudson's army list found on page 57.

White Dwarf 312 Oz Edition - Righteous Victories: Crusades of the Black Templars by Graham McNeill

  • Castellan Folker of the Nimbosa Crusade
  • Castellan Raimer of the Ophidium Gulf Crusade
  • Emperor's Champion Korbinian of the Ophidium Gulf Crusade
  • Marshal Gervhart of the Lastrati & Athalor Crusade
  • Marshal Sigenadus of the Terran Crusade
  • Captain of the Banner, Guardian of Honour and Emperor's Champion Navarre of the Terran Crusade
  • High Marshal Ludoldus of the Vinculus Crusade
  • High Marshal Helbrecht of the Armageddon Crusade
  • Marshal Amalrich of the Armageddon Crusade
  • Marshal Ricard of the Armageddon Crusade
  • High Marshal Ludoldus of the Jerulas Crusade
  • Marine-Artificer Simagus
  • Dorn's Wrath, Strike Cruiser

White Dwarf 313 Oz Edition - Tactica Black Templars: Run your crusade effectively

  • Marshal Hartmann
  • Emperor's Champion Rudorffer
Note - the above are from Andrew Harris' army

White Dwarf 313 Oz Edition - Rise to Glory by Graham McNeill

  • Brother Paresh Rammius, a Chapter legend
  • Reclusiarch Develain of the Chapter Keep on Cephian IV
  • Brother-Chaplain Albera of the Chapter Keep on Pragos IV
  • Brother Koverich, fought in the Crusade of Brotherhood and Vinculus Crusade
  • Dreadnought Sibertas, one of the Chapters greatests heroes
  • Marshal Wikeris, one of the Chapters greatests heroes
  • Castellan Mefridus, one of the Chapters greatests heroes
  • Castellan Helbrecht, future High Marshal and battle-brother of Rammius
  • Castellan Mefridus
  • Brother-Chaplain Auacyb, Castellan of the Fergax
  • Neophyte Varian, trained by Rammius and elevated to Initiate
  • High Marshal Kordhel
  • Techmarine Simagus, Guardian of the Sepulchre
  • Captain Navarre
  • Ninety Sacred Verses of Revulsion
  • Oaths of Fealty
  • Oaths of Vengeance

Note - with the exception of Captain Navarre, and possibly Chaplain Develain, all these warriors have crossed paths with Brother Rammius who is now interned in a Dreadnought after sustaining fatal wounds during the Armaggedon Crusade.

White Dwarf 314 Oz Edition - Marshals of the Black Templars

  • Castellan Folker of the Nimbosa Crusade
  • Chaplain Burkarys of the Chapter Keep on Holscht
  • Marshal Gervhart of the Athalor Crusade and Instigator of the Second Purging of Lastrati
  • Marshal Ludoldus of the Vinculus Crusade
  • High Marshal Sigenandus of the Terran Crusade, died in 522.M36

Reference: Marshal Ludoldus who fought at the Battle of Fire and Blood took to the field of battle in a suite of archaic Terminator Armor. He carried a lantern said to have been blessed by the Blind Sisterhood of Luxvitas Binary that could pierce even the darkness of the Empyren with its righteous light.

White Dwarf 317 Oz Edition - Preparing for War: Medusa V Army Show Case

  • Castellan Rasmusen of the Templars Encarmine
  • Brother Dreadnought Sangeas of the Templars Encarmine
  • Emperor's Champion Gilbrecht of the Templars Encarmine

Note - the above are from Andrew Long's army which diverged from the Black Templars

White Dwarf 323 Oz Edition - Battle Report: The Swordwing Rages

  • High Marshal Helbrecht
  • Brother-Chaplain Fernandex
  • Venerable Dreadnought Navarrus
  • Brother Dreadnought Nils

Note - the above are from Matt Hudson's army used in a battle report against a Beil-Tan Warhost on the maiden world Sirielle

White Dwarf 324 Oz Edition - Iron Will, Iron Blood

  • Castellan Morgrim of the Chapter Keep on Lilia Mundi
  • Emperor's Champion Herdalus of the Lilia Mundi Incursion
  • Brother-Chaplain Veerstelt of the Lilia Mundi Incursion
  • Brother Dreadnought Metos of the Lilia Mundi Incursion
  • Venerable Dreadnought Barde of the Lilia Mundi Incursion
  • Marshal Albrantinus of the Lilia Mundi Incursion

White Dwarf 384 - Slaughter on Shrodinger VII by Mat Ward

  • Helbrecht, Marshal, 930.M41

Final Note - this Hall of Heroes is far from complete. If you notice any omissions or errors please don't hesitate to contact me.