Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Finds

Imperial Knight Pilot by Max from CoolMiniOrNot - Came across this Knight House heraldry thanks to Inquisitor Engel over on the Bolter & Chainsword. Another Household to consider when I start collecting Knight Titans. Can see more pictures in the link to CoolMiniOrNot as well as some designer notes over on Stockholm Warpaint.

Sculting Skull Icon by Tyler Mengel from Mengel Miniatures - I'm increasingly finding that I lack the patiences to work with green stuff, despite all of the tutorials that I have read and included in my Weekly Find posts. I understand the general concepts/principles of using epoxy to sculpt details... maybe, this will be another starting point.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Finds

Mechanicum Thanatar by Dave Taylor from Dave Taylor Miniatures - These pictures by Dave Taylor help illustrate just how much of a beast this miniature is. She Who Must Be Obeyed has told me no new miniatures until I've finished what I've already started. But once I have this will be one of the things I get myself.

Calth by Doghouse from the Bolter & Chainsword - I don't think Doghouse really needs any introductions for members of our little corner of the interwebz. His 'true-scale' miniatures have inspired others to copy him and now he is back with some Word Bearers painted up in a dark red that makes me think of blood.

...and doom shall stalk a thousand worlds by Brother Molokai from the Bolter & Chainsword - The start of Molokai's thread has a heavily weathered Death Guard Contemptor in all it's treacherous glory. However ,it's the Work-in-progress photo in his latest post that really interests me as it focuses not only on the chipping effect but also the oil stains running down all of the rivets. The followers of Nurgle have so much fun when it comes to applying weathering effects.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Finds

Necron Tomb Stalker by Tyler M. from Mengel Miniatures - I've always been a fan of Tyler Mengel's miniatures. All the way back to his Sons of Dorn that featured in White Dwarf. This conversion is no different. I am particularly interested in the graphite appearance that he has achieved.

The Deaconess by Lasgun Packer from Pinterest - This is such an awesome conversion. There aren't enough female miniatures in our small hobby. And nearly all of those that we do have are out of proportion which makes some sense in a future that has gene-enhanced soldiers and servants. Can find more Inquisimunda styled conversion over on Pinterest.

Night Goblin Boss on Arabyan Carpet by Xoxtile from Tale of Painters - Cute isn't the sort of word used in game clubs across the word. Especially, not for the vile Night Goblins. But when I imagine a flying carpet I picture the one from Aladdin.

Simple Undead Paint Scheme by Rob from Games Workshop: Belfast - Such as simple, yet effective colour scheme for an undead army.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Weekly Finds

Lost to the Warp...