Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Finds #34

Lost to the Warp...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Finds #33

Lost to the Warp...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Warhammer 40K - Space Marines... fight!

Chaos getting their arse kicked by a bad ass Crimson Fist... well at least it looks like one.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Christian Bryne's Blood Wolves

I've been a fan of Christian Bryne's work since I first saw his Iron Warriors in the pages of White Dwarf. So seeing his count-as Space Wolves army in What's New Today was a nice treat. Even nicer was that Dan managed to get some comments from Christian on the army. As usual original comments are below with my own thoughts in purple italics...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly Finds #32

Exams start next week... should be interesting to see what happens.

Turning cardstock into plasticard by Ron from FTW - Was going to send Ron an email asking if he could clue  those who follow his blog into what super glue he is talking about. Was curious if he used a specific brand. But it looks like it doesn't matter so much about the brand but rather how much of it you use. I've found that the Games Workshop super glue dries with a rough texture if too much is used. Imagine the same is for all brands...

Saturday, June 04, 2011

An Open Video To Games Workshop

Like many other Ozlandus gamers, I have learnt the wonders of online shopping when it comes to getting my plastic crack. I can appreciate why Games Workshop has gone ahead with the trade embargo. It makes sense in some ways... but that doesn't mean I'm happy with it. And I'm not going to be supporting my local Games Workshop store any more. Instead I will be getting what I need from the Tin Soldier and if they don't stock it then I will resort to ordering directly from Games Workshop.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Weekly Finds #31

The last few weeks has seen alot of focus on the proud warriors of Dorn. This week is no different after I went looking for guides on sculpting fists...

Sculpting Crimson Fist Iconography by Shas'vre Shavaun from Advanced Tau Tactica - The sculpts may not be as clean as others. Such as those by Freak Forge. But they still convey the right idea and even up close they look good.

Forge World: Newsletter 276

None of the releases jump out at me. But I can imagine those Astral Claw bits will be popular. And the lion head terminator shoulder pad could find itself used with other Chapters...
Hi there,
            This week sees the release of four hotly-anticipated Astral Claws upgrade sets. We’ve also got a few more details about Forge World’s presence at the Warhammer World Badab War Campaign weekend on the 25th - 26th June, further information about Games Day Chicago and a new date for your diary, Games Day Spain in Madrid on the 3rd July.
Astral Claws Upgrade kits

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Warhammer 40K: Kill Team

This actually looks like lots of fun for a 10 dollar game... 

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

White Dwarf 378 June 2011 - Citadel Finecast

Inside this month's issue:

Citadel Finecast - The new product is presented as if it has dawned a new age in wargaming. In some ways it is true as there will be less metal miniatures on the board to have painted chipped off... of course I prefer metal over resin so this is a sad day for me.

Assembling Citadel Finecast - Continuing on from the blatant advertising of the new release, we get even more advertising in the form putting together resin miniatures. It is interesting to note that there is next to no flash on Warlord Queek.

Painting Citadel Finecast - Because Finecast resin is so very different to plastic, metal or even Forge World resin.

The Lords of Pain - This month sees the release of some storming new Dark Eldar skimmers a horde of twisted Haemonculi goodness. Simon Grant catches up with Phil Kelly, Jes Godwiin, and the designers responsible for the new miniatures.

Idols of the Desert God - Following on from the Tomb King release we get shown some of the Tomb KIng models that have been released in Finecast resin. The Ushabti have been re-released and there is the new Liche Priest, Necrotects and Prince Apophas. This includes some background on the cursed scarab lord as well as his rules.

Tactica Tomb Kings - I don't play Tomb Kings or Warhammer Fantasy, so can't make any comments on the advice given by Robin Cruddace. Of course this is White Dwarf so we can assume it is bad or pointless.

Tactica Grey Knights - Mat Ward doesn't touch on tactics. Rather it is a review of the codex with a look at some of the units, wargear and special rules. Of course the interwebz is full of such reviews. On a side note a comment by Mr Ward makes it clear that the design team are actually aware of how the game mechanics work. He pointed out that taking vehicles offers added speed and fire power.

Battle Report Kinstrike - To be honest didn't bother reading the Battle Report. They aren't interesting. Just another way to advertise miniatures... this time the new Dark Eldar miniatures. Maybe if the armies were private collections of the players it would be more interesting. But as it is just boring.

Standard Bearer - Following on from last month get a look at the last four of the "Top 8 Miniatures". The fifth miniature is Mephiston, the sixth is Sam and Bill the Pony, the seventh is the Baneblade and the eighth is Witchfate Tor.  

Armies on Parade - Get a look at some High Elves, Tyranids, Orks & Goblins, Tau and Dwarves. The Carnifex by Tom Hutchlings is posed to look like the old Screamer. Shame the actual unit is so weak in terms of the game.

Matt Weaver's Space Wolves - This army was featured on the Games Workshop blog can't find where. The paint job is just table top and there isn't much in terms of kitbash conversions. However, the Thunder Wolf Lord conversion is ducking awesome. A Techmarine hardwired into the wolf...