Wednesday, May 05, 2010

White Dwarf 365 May 2010 - War of the Rings: Battlehosts

The May issue of White Dwarf...
Inside this month's issue:
The Muster of Middle-earth - Adam Troke talks to Robin Cruddace about Battlehosts, finding all about what it means for your War of the Ring army like how to diverge from the imagery of the film with unique units, as well as taking a look at the new miniatures such as the awesome looking Thralls of Mordor.
The Green Tide - Andy Hall smears himself green in warpaint and goes in search of the Orc & Goblin horde, finding out what makes them such an exciting army to play.
In the Kraken's Jaws - Codex author Mat ward delves into the forgotten history of the Blood Angels, revealing the heroism of their campaign against the Tyranids on Hollonan. Has Blood Angels as well as Angels Vermillion and Angels Encarmine fighting alongside Imperial Guardsmen and Eldar against Hive Kraken.
Wear & Tear - Our series on Warhammer army selection concludes, as Andy Smillie discusses the implacable army.
The Ruins of Osgiliath - Adam Troke takes a look at refighting historic battles in Osgiliath using famous battlehosts, as well as using the Ruins of Osgiliath in your own games. Also has a pseudo guide on painting the ruins.
The High Ground - It's grudge match time as hobby hero Nick Bayton's brave men of Gondor face up to his dastardly arch nemesis Chris Peach and his horde from Mordor.
Painting Masters: Golden Demon - In this special we celebrate the Golden Demon success of some of our past Painting Masters; as well as previewing some of the work of our next two experts. Has a weird looking Tau Battlesuit built by Fil Dunn... almost like he watched too much Transformers.
'Eavy Meal Masterclass: Black Ork Big Boss - Minor conversion made by Keith Robertson followed with a guide on how to paint a stunning Big Boss on Boar. Particularly liked the guide on painting the red... can imagine someone using it for their Crimson Fists. 
You'll also find full details of all the latest releases and news, a directory featuring all of the hobby activities in your local area, and this month's Standard Bearer, in which Jervis discusses scenery.
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