Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Finds

There is less than two weeks until I turn 24 and a month away till I'm married. It's safe to say that it's getting stressful around here. So much in so that I've not picked up a paint brush for most of this month. Hopefully that changes next month with some time off before the big day...

The Emerald Guard by Migsula from Legion of Plastic - Migsula continues to show off his growing collection of Inquisitors and their warbands. The combination of Empire State Troops, Space Marine Scouts and an assortment of bitz has given me some ideas...

Castellax Battle-Automata by John Steining from 40K Hobby Blog - Forge World's Castellax are my favourite miniature out of their Adept Mechanicus collection even more than their Titans. So seeing one painted up in a style I like is always nice.

Stamp Your Milliput by Roman from Massive Voodoo - Following on from lasts week tutorial on making a display base, we have this wonderful tutorial. 

Ludovic's Marines Errant by Battle-Brother Ludovic from the Bolter & Chainsword - This pose reminds me of Jeff Vader's own conversion that uses the same bit from the fantastic Sternguard Kit. It's interesting to think that despite using different bitz the overall feel of the miniatures are so similar. Both are brilliant...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Official Trailer

This looks amusing...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Weekly Finds

Tutorial for Quick High Elf Display Base by Roman from Massive Voodoo - This base layout would be great for models on bigger bases such as Terminators or even the yet to be released Knight Titans. Great way to add more height to an already imposing miniature.

Why So Serious by Jeff Vader from - I love following the work of Jeff Vader. It is a pleasure to see how his mind works. From his initial kit-bashes to the final miniature and then warband. This latest miniature is no different. Despite being a minion of Nurgle there is still colour and movement in the miniature. Would look great leading a horde of Plauge Cultists.

Meat for Meta: GW's Trojan Horse by Tasty Taste from Blood of Kittens - Tasty Taste has been a ducking jerk in the paste and present. Creating interwebz feuds with other Interwebz celebrities. But this, this right here. For as long as I've been apart of this tiny interwebz community there have been those voicing their desires for odd ball rules such as Legion of the Damned. Games Workshop is now doing it... but not everybody is happy about it. The Knight Titans will create a very distinctive divide within this community. And the divide will be weighed heavily in Games Workshops favour.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekly Finds

Sons of Horus Army Shot by John Stiening from 40K Hobby Blog - Although this army is far from complete, it is still very impressive and is a great case example of why Escalation isn't a bad thing.

Imperial Fists Step-by-Step by Arsies from Arsies Studio - Painting yellow has increasingly become easy with Games Workshop's latest release of new Citadel paints. However, achieving a high standard yellow is still complicated. This tutorial offers just one way of painting that envy inducing yellow.

Why Shooting is Even Better than in 5th Ed by Kirby from the Pinktastic Blog - I remember how assault was in 4th Edition rose-tinted glasses on. That isn't to say gun-line armies didn't stand a chance. But the game was balanced differently. Imagine how awesome those Godzilla themed Tyranid armies would have been with the latest releases...

Tutorial on Sculpting a Ruff by Ana from Garden of Hectate - I can just imagine somewhere in a hive city gangs fighting it out for a scrap of territory, all the while, hive nobles watching from the spires through the lenses of their ruff wearing Servo Skulls.

Pale Skin by Kari from Spiky Rat Pack - I love the work that the guys from Spiky Rat Pack do... so much character crammed into each of their creations. This tutorial highlights something that I've noticed of late on the interwebz and discussed a bit at my FLGS. The proper use of  washes and inks on base coats can produce just as amazing results as successive layers of wet blending. Midian's Nurgle Terminators are a great example of this.

Using Superglue by Roman from Massive Voodoo - This is so cool. Also take a look at the comments from the linked article with two great tutorials being shared by CzG.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Weekly Finds

Inquisitor by Kari from Spiky Rat Pack - This is a very creepy miniature that fits perfectly into the Grim Dark universe of the Imperium. I doubt that the person that did this illustration expected it to be transformed into a miniature. The person that commissioned this is very lucky.

Painting Rust by David Soper from Sproket's Small World - A brilliant step-by-step tutorial that offers hobbyists yet another way to give their terrain and miniatures a realistic rust effect. I can imagine this being used on Chaos Space Marines that have pledged themselves to Nurgle.

Illustrations by Faust from Faust Labs - I came across this website thanks to Tears of Envy showing off some of Faust's concept work for Ghostbusters. Although I'm not interested in all of his illustrations and concept work. The below piece especially caught my eye as it mad me imagine a ship hold or sub-terrain level of a Hive set in the Warhammer 40K Universe. Well worth checking out.