Wednesday, February 03, 2010

White Dwarf 362 Februrary 2010 - Beast Men

The February issue...
Inside this issue:
The designers behind the new Beastmen talk to Andy Hall about the Children of Chaos. 
Phil Kelly explains how to perform a successful Planetstrike attack in his 'Death from the Skies' tactica. Ummm yeah... lets not forget that the game mechanics for Planetstrike are far from balanced.
Robin Cruddace presents some monstrous Tyranid swarms for use in Apocalypse. Also far from balanced...
The Beastmen assault an Empire and Bretonnian alliance in their first ever Battle Report. 
Jervis explores the lure of conversions.
You'll also find 'Striking a Balance', which explains how to build - and win with - balanced Warhammer armies, and an 'Eavy Metal painting clinic where the team answers your questions.
Overall this was a rather boring White Dwarf with alot of the painting tips readily available online such as painting red.
- Games Workshop website