Wednesday, September 03, 1997

White Dwarf 213 September 1997 - Space Marine Scouts

Inside this month's issue:
News - Interesting happenings from around the globe...
Gorkamorka - Tempted you last month, didn't we? This month it's a story of blood, fightin' and huge boyz with fists like boulders and heads as tough as rocks.
Attack of the Tyranids - A Tyranid army has major advantages in epic 40, 000 but you'll have to make the most of them if ultimate victory is to be yours...
Battle of the Nine - Dark Angel galore...
Purge - Storm of Vengeance is a new Scenario Pack for Warhammer 40,000. Purge is one of the scenarios we just couldn't squeeze into the box.
Defenders of Averlorn - We give Tuormas a chance to rant about his favourite army, the High Elves. In particular he talks about Alariel and the Maiden Guard, both out this month.
Did you see that cactus move? - You're really going ot like this Warhammer 40,000 article! Try your luck and see just how smart you really are.
Return to Thorskinson's Island (Part3) - Our Warhammer campaign continues with more results, more battles, and a great big dollop of sticky stuff?
Journal - The Journal isn't just about great rules ideas to try out with your mates. It's about a whole lot more...
Sisters of Battle - Mark Brendan and Andy Kettlewell fight the three Warhammer 40,000 scenarios from Issue 212.
Mail Order Section - New models, special deals, advance orders on new games, army deals, White Dwarf subscription... We've got the LOT!