Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Finds

The new edition of Warhammer 40K is upon us. When reliable rumours started to surface along with pictures I found my hobby drive return to me. Between work and wife I've slowly turned my bare plastic and metal army into something with colour. Pictures will be posted eventually...

Silver and Leather by Henry South from Four Go to War - The talented henry South shares some of his insight into painting metallics and leather. This approach to painting leather produces some amazing results and is something I've seen on the interwebz before.

The Red Baron by Cagn from Blog de Kouzes - This is a deeply involved conversion that just screams character. Can easily imagine it in an Eldar Corsair raiding party.

Showcase: Treeman Ancient by Third Eye Nuke from Tale of Painters - Although TEN's style of painting lacks some of the the advance techniques used by other painters, these miniatures just pop in a very unique way. The approach used here is just perfect. It gives the miniature a very ethereal feel.

Do Not Miss by Volomir from Volomir's Blog - Some great articles and tutorials that really can't be missed for those looking to improve their painting or just after some inspiration.

Next week I'll have a look at compiling some of the reviews of this new edition from the more competitive players such as over on The Pinktastic Blog as well as TastyTaste's thoughts.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Weekly Finds

While I was off in the warp the interwebz continued to churn out amazing miniatures and useful tutorials. Although I had access to the interwebz, I have never been able to get blogger to reliably work on my iPad. So unfortunately there was no way share them with my Imaginary Friends. So today I've decided to go back and find some of them...

Heresy Era Imperial Fists by Corai from the Bolter & Chainsword - The vibrancy of the yellow makes it hard to imagine. But Corai's Imperial Fists are actually metallic...

Rogue Trader Conversion by Andy Hoare from Tales from the Maelstrom - This isn't the first conversion that I've instantly fallen in love with from Mr Hoare. His Inquisitor is just as awesome. Took me a while to realise that the body actually comes from the new Tempestus Scions box set.

Commisar WiP by Henry South from Four Go to War - One of my favourite miniatures from the relatively new clamp-pack sets that Games Workshop has started to release. Mr South has given this miniature some great justice and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't show up at the next UK Golden Daemons.

How to Create Newspaper by Roman from Massive Voodoo - It's the year of the painter over on Massive Voodoo. Which means that they are hitting out tutorials on an alarmingly frequent rate. So quickly in fact that it wouldn't be practical for me to do a post for each of them such as the review on ModelMates' Verdigris or the tutorial on Airbrush Masking. So instead here is one for the post-apocalypse fans.

Deathwatch Strike Force by Rob451 from the Bolter & Chainsword - I doubt there are many Warhammer 40K fans out there that don't like female Inquisitors in form fitting power armour. But to see one in bulky power armour is something new. And yet, it works perfectly fine...

Friday, May 09, 2014

Weekly Finds

I return from my wanderings of the warp...

Inquisitor Kill Team by GuitaRasmus from the Bolter & Chainsword - This promising collection of assorted warriors and henchmen is a great tribute to the work of John Blanche.

Nurgmlinator by Jeff Vader from Officio Convertorum - Jeff's growing Nurgle Warband constantly reminds me of why I want to collect a small force of Plague Marines. There are just so many possibilities when it comes to building and painting the children of Papa Nurgle...

The Minotaurs by Lorenzen from the Bolter & Chainsword - Continuing at a slow, but steady pace we get to see some more of Lorenzen's stunning Minotaurs. I particularity like the look of the black strip down the helmet.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Weekly Finds

Lost to the Warp...