Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekly Finds

Maze of the Minotaurs by Midian from Bolter & Chainsword - Some great poses with a simple, yet effective paint scheme. I particularly like how Midian has gone about adding in some Space Marines firing with their left hands, such as the guy on the far left in this picture.

Metals by Volomir from Volomir's Blog - Some useful advice on the theory behind painting metals. With the abundance of paint brands such as Citadel as well as the development of washes and glazes, it is very easy for the average hobbyists to produce a decent table top standard. For some pretty pictures and more useful advice, should take a look at Forge World's Model Masterclass Volume I and II...

Step-by-Step of Slaanesh Party by Roman from Massive Voodoo - Although I can't see myself collecting a Chaos force any time soon, this post offers some great inspiration.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Finds

Scribe Machiarus by JRN from miniaTEXTures - This is such a simple approach for a miniature full of character. The rough, yet precise approach used by JRN works brilliantly... can see myself regularly using the phrase. The weathering on the robes reminds me of the style used by Eye of Error on his Haemonculus.

Lady Vampire Wino Diorama by EoE from Eye of Error - Some inspiration...

Meat for Meta: Brief History of Playtesting by TastyTaste from Blood of Kittens - Although I'm not a fan of some of the things TastyTaste has done... these sort of articles offer some insight into why things the way they are. For example, we are a few days out from Eldar going up for Advance order, and yet, only now are we getting leaked content.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

Money, not mortality, is the principle commerce of civilised nations.
- Thomas Jefferson 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekly Finds

Lost to Chaos...

Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekly Finds

Is it Time to Fight? by Dave Taylor from Dave Taylor Miniatures - These are a very strange approach to Adeptus Mechanicus units. In saying that after reading Graham McNeill's Priests of Mars are probably more appropriate than some of the curious constructs hobbyists have given birth too.

Weeping Walls of the Monastery by Kari from Spiky Rat Pack - Last week I showed off some WiP pictures of Kari's terrain. This week we see that he has made envy inducing progress. The terrain bases really help connect his miniatures to the terrain. It is one of the things that always irked me about Games Workshop stores... and to an extent the flat nature of the Warhammer Rulebook pictures. They may be eye level, but the miniatures don't look like they are truly apart of the enviorment. Forge World is the general exception with their Photoshopped pictures...

Lorenzen's Badly Worded Tabard Tutorial by Lorenzen from the Bolter & Chainsword - This isn't the first tutorial I've seen on creating tabards. Can find some over on From the Warp by Ron. There are dozens of others on forums and blogs. However, this is the first time I've seen someone use scaffolding to support the process. And this is a great use of the hooded head from the new Deathwing Box Set.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hall of Honour - Excoriators

Black Library - Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders

  • Demetrius Katafalque, 1st Chapter Master, former Captain
  • Abadiah, Chapter Master
  • Quesiah Ichabod, Chapter Master
  • Shiloh Gideon, Corpus-Captain
  • Tobiaz, Corpus-Captain
  • Phinehas, Corpus-Captain
  • Thaddeus, Corpus-Captain, 5th Company (deceased)
  • Zachariah Kersh, Corpus-Captain, Scourge, 5th Company
  • Bartimeus, Corpus-Commander of the Angelica Mortis
  • Santiarch Balshazar, Chaplain
  • Dardarius, Chaplain
  • Shadrath, Chaplain, 5th Company
  • Melmoch, Librarian, 5th Company
  • Absalom, Lord Apothecary (formerly 2nd Company)
  • Ezrachi, Apothecary, 5th Company
  • Philemon, Apothecary
  • Hadrach, Techmarine 
  • Dancred, Techmarine, Frater Astrotechnicus, 5th Company
  • Tiberias, Brother, Vanguard, 1st Company
  • Micah, Brother-Contego, Chapter Champion, 5th Company
  • Toralech, Brother, Company Banner Bearer, 5th Company (deceased)
  • Novah, Brother, Company Banner Bearer, 5th Company
  • Uriah Shase, Chief Whip, Squad Cicatrix, 5th Company
  • Ishmael, Squad Whip, Squad Castigir, 5th Company
  • Joachim, Squad Whip, Squad Censura, 5th Company
  • Etham, Second Whip, Squad Castigir, 5th Company
  • Scarioch, Second Whip, Squad Censura, 5th Company
  • Azareth, Second Whip, 5th Company
  • Levi, Brother, Squad Castigir, 5th Company
  • Kale, Brother, Squad Castigir, 5th Company
  • Nebuzar, Brother, Squad Castigir, 5th Company
  • Simeon, Brother, 5th Company
  • Lemuel, Brother, 5th Company
  • Ebenezar, Brother, 5th Company
  • Tycharias, Brother, 5th Company
  • Moliath, Brother, 5th Company
  • Ashkelon, Brother, 5th Company
  • Boaz, Brother, 5th Company
  • Salamis, Brother, 5th Company
  • Benzoheth, Brother, 5th Company
  • Damaris, Brother, 5th Company
  • Judah, Brother, 5th Company
  • Zurion, Brother, 5th Company
  • Eliam, Brother, 5th Company
  • Thanial, Squad Whip
  • Erastus, Brother
  • Usachar, Veteran Squad Whip
  • Occam, Brother
  • Basrael, Brother
  • Jabez, Brother
  • Dathan, Brother
  • Japhet, Brother
  • Silas Keturah, Veteran Squad Whip, Squad Contritus, 10th Company
  • Omar, Neophyte, 10th Company
  • Kush, Neophyte, 10th Company
  • Taanach, Neophyte, 10th Company
  • Iscarion, Neophyte, 10th Company
  • Cerberus, Battle Barge
  • Angelica Mortis, Strike Cruiser, 5th Company
  • Scarifica, Frigate
  • Inwitian, Thunderhawk, destroyed on Ignis Prime
  • Flagellant, Thunderhawk, damaged beyond repair on Ignis Prime
  • Demetrius Katafalque III, Thunderhawk
  • Gauntlet, Thunderhawk
  • Impunitas, Thunderhawk
  • Punisher, Thunderfire Cannon
  • Eschara, Homeworld
  • Lentigo, Eschara's largest moon
  • The Architecture of Agony by Demetrius Katafalque
  • Damnation Calling by Zachariah Kersh, Chapter Master
  • Rites of Battle
  • Trial by the Blade

Chapter Colours: Ivory

Chapter Symbol: The Stigmartyr is the emblem that the Chapter adopted as its own. A gauntleted fist clenching the length of a thunderbolt-shaped scar.

Reference: The Exoriators are attrition fighters. Their reputation is for fearsome feats of stamina and attrition. They stand their ground and fight, no matter the odds.

Reference: The Codex Astartes records the Excoriators as created from the ranks of the Imperial Fists post-Heresy, during the dark days of the Second Founding. This in recognition of their stalwart defence of the Imperial Palace during the Siege of Terra.

Reference: Excoriators are listed in the Mythos Angelica Mortis as one of the Astartes Praeses, those Space Marine Chapters charged with the solemn duty of guarding the Eye of Terror and the vulnerable regions of Imperial space bordering.

Reference: Dorn himself entrusted the Excoriators with the Chapter's Sacred Standard over ten thousand years ago. It displays the Second Founding’s decree and is threaded with the honours of every battle fought in their long, bloody history. It carries the distinctia of the Astartes Praeses and their service in garrisoning the Ocularis Terribus. It also bears the Stigmartyr.

Reference: The Darkness is a genetic deficiency. When the Darkness takes an Excoriator it might appear as wretched palsy: the slackness of the jaw, the tremor of the limb, the blankness of the eye. But those who survive it report the experience as a living nightmare, a sleeping wakefulness in which they relive the bottomless woe of Dorn’s most trying time – the grievous loss of the Emperor. It is both a genetic blessing and a curse.

Reference: Chapter Master Demetrius Katafalque favoured Rogal Dorn's practice of flagellation as a form of martial communion and as purification of the soul [p 87]. Excoriators purge Rogal Dorn's weakness and their own through the Rites of Castigation and the Wearing of Dorn’s Mantle [p 63].

Reference: The Feast of Blades commemorates Rogal Dorn's decision to break up his Legion as the Codex Astartes instructed. Dorn chose the Iron Warriors fortress known as the Eternal Fortress [Iron Cage] on Sebastus IV as the instrument upon which to break his Legion and remake it a multitude of Chapters.

Reference: Tradition dictates the Feasts of Blades are centennial – at least centennial. It is the right of the reigning Chapter to call a Feast before its time.

Reference: All combatants wear the old Legion’s colours in the Cage, a sign of symbolic unity.

Reference: Rogal Dorn broke the blade he’d used on Horus’s barge, after it had failed to protect his Emperor. His second sword, the “Sword of Sebastus” or the Dornsblade, emerged with the primarch from the Iron Cage. It is one of Dorn's Sons most revered artefacts. The Chapter that wins the Feast has the honour of retaining the blade and the solemn duty of presenting it at the next Feast.

Monday, May 06, 2013

Music Monday - Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold

With the release of The Hobbit DVD in Ozlandus, this seems fitting...

Friday, May 03, 2013

Weekly Finds

Legion Outrider Squadron by Drathmere from 40K Hobby Blog - When I first saw the outrider models, I was far from a fan. For some reason I didn't like them one bit. However, seeing them with a nice coat of  paint, those feelings have completely been replaced by envy. These bikes look amazing... in a way they are a hybrid between the Scimitar Pattern Jetbikes and the current Space Marine Bikes.

Elegant Haemonculus Conversion Finished by EoE from Eye of Error - Something different to the traditional look associated with Dark Eldar Haemonculus... this one doesn't look as gauntish. The conversion itself is great. However, it is the robe that I think is brilliant. It is a great combination of stippling and traditional weathering.

Lets Paint Weathered Walls by Kari from Spiky Rat Packs - I need inspiration to get some paint onto my terrain pieces. This quick and dirty approach reminds me of the display board created for the Armageddon Charity. 

Dark Eldar Quad Gun Conversion by EoE from Eye of Error - Some inspiration for those Dark Eldar players who want to include some army specific fortifications into their army. The Aegis Defence Line could be represented by a grotesque version of the Imperial version... impaled bodies and piles of skulls. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

White Dwarf - May 2013 High Elves

This months White Dwarf review is by Garfy. As has become the norm, the guys from Tale of Painters offer a break down of the content with their distinct perspective painters and collectors more so than gamers. The highlight of this month's issue is Mark Bedford's Blood Angels with its Forge World eye candy.