Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Finds #104

Lost to the Warp...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekly Finds #103

Lost to the Warp...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly Finds #102

The Fly by Guita Rasmus from The Bolter & Chainsword - I've sure it has been mentioned before on the blog, but Nurgle is my least favourite Chaos God. Just doesn't appeal to me like Slaanesh or Khorne. However, the the followers of Nurgle have produced some of the best conversions I've seen. This fly, which has been featured on Games Workshop, is just one example. And you can see more of Guita Rasmus' warband in his thread here.

Weathering Models with Two Easy Spray Paint Effects by Sandwyrm from The Back 40K - These are two great effects. The bounce-spraying is something I've never seen before. Interesting technique to consider when it comes to connecting a miniature to it's base from a visual perspective. The use of dusting to break up colours is something I've seen in Forge World's Model Masterclass books. A great series that is worth the cost. Both of these effects can be produced with an airbrush... but spray paints are a great alternative.

Step-by-Step Vehicle Squadron by Martin Klug from (T)Raumschmiede - An extremely detailed tutorial on speed painting some Leman Russ Battle Tanks. In truth these are leagues above Table Top standard, with many of the techniques used found in Forge World's Model Masterclass books. However, if these steps were done in an assembly line, then it would be a relatively quick method for stunning results. And the chassis only requires three colours...

Friday, October 05, 2012

Weekly Finds #101

This week has a focus on the Legiones Astartes. Which isn't a great surprise with the Horus Heresy source book being released. I'm still patiently waiting for mine...

New Lord Plaguebone by Morback from Le Blog de Kouzes - This is one hell of a detailed conversion. It has taken me several attempts to work out how the helmet was made... it's a normal Space Marine helmet but from the back. The manreaper looks ridiculously complex with all of the plasticard bits. Hate to think how time consuming it was to build. A stunning centre piece for bind blowing warband...

Creating Metal Effects with Washes by Ron from FTW - Not strictly about the Legiones Astartes. But the content can easily be applied to any army. Another example of using washes on metal can be seen here... shows how coloured washes can have a striking effect and compliment the rest of the palette.

Lamenters Update by Dave Taylor from Dave Taylor Miniatures - The detail to this kit bash is stunning. Both the combi-melta and the left hand involve some intricate detailing. Looking forward to seeing this miniature painted up in Dave Taylor's striking yellow and black scheme.

Ultramarines Sternguard Step-by-step by Arsies from Arsies Studio - This tutorial was including in Volomir's  monthly feature Do Not Miss. I'm not much of a fan of non-metallic metal on power armour. However, I am a fan of this example of non-metallic metal by Arsies.

Imperial Fists Terminators by Bully Boy from Dakka Dakka - Despite having boxes full of miniatures to build I'm always looking for ideas on how to convert miniatures. These terminators with their Maximus styled torsos are just one example. My interest in this relates closely with this Terminator torso by Brother Chaplain Kage. Another great Imperial Fists Terminator conversion is this one by Ice Angel.

Sons of Horus by Sheep from Bolter & Chainsword - Possibly the best Sons of Horus I've seen... most look plain in comparison. However, the conversion and painting are both inspirational. The Sergeant pictured below and this Contemptor Dreadnought are my two favourite elements from this project so far. I'll be keeping an eye on Sheep's work...

Conquer the Universe by The Damned Artificer from Bolter & Chainsword - I'm jealous of this Imperial Fist collection. It's full of unique conversions with bits from all over the place. He even has an old school Land Speeder conversion with a run down of the bits here.

Maximus Armour by Gawain Veteris from Bolter & Chainsword - This tutorial may be of interest to some of my imaginary friends. I know the work on the knee pads interest me. Keep an eye out for further tutorials by Gawain... they look to be promising.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

White Dwarf - October 2012

This month sees the release of the relaunched White Dwarf. And with this new White Dwarf will end my breakdown on each issues content. Instead I'll be linking to Stahly's review over on Tale of Painters. I'll include my own thoughts on each issue after the break...