Wednesday, March 03, 2010

White Dwarf 363 March 2010 - Battle Missions

The March issue...
Inside this month's issue:
Mechanised Fury - Tread-heads rejoice! Adam Troke is tasked to find out about the new mechanised Imperial Guard, Space Maine and Ork reinforcements.
Mission Confirmed - Adam's journalistic prying doesn't stop at tanks either. With a new Warhammer 40,000 Expansion also out this month, he delves into Battle Missions to find out more.
Reinforcements - Mat ward presents rules for using the new Rohan and Isengard heroes in the Strategy Battle Game.
The Fortress of Isengard - Under the guise of the White Wizard, Adam Troke talks tactics for the armies of Orthanc.
Rush and Rend - Andy Smillie returns to talk about Warhammer armies geared for defeating the foe in close combat.
Gorthor's Rampage - Phil Kelly recounts the legends of Gorthor, the beastliest Beastlord that ever was.
Tactica: Tyranids - Hive Mind sympathiser Robin Cruddace talks tactics and strategy for the Great Devourer.
Prepared Assault - The Orks take on the Imperial Guard in the first battle report to use a scenario from the new Battle Missions Expansion. Jervis Johnson introduces the proceedings.
Tyranid Digestion Pools - Mark Jones explains how he created the gloopy-looking digestion pools for the Studio's Tyranid terrain set.
Army Workshop: Isengard - This month we feature Nick Bayton's excellent Isengard force and follow his army-building journey.
`Eavy Metal Masterclass: Free Hand Design - The `Eavy Metal team gives us a Masterclass on how to paint freehand designs on your miniatures.
You'll also find full details of all the latest releases and news, a directory featuring all of the hobby activities in your local area, and this month's Standard Bearer, in which Jervis addresses the question of whether we're going to do any more armies.
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