Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekly Finds

The Blind Necromancer by Karun from Blog de Kouzes - With the release of the latest Eldar Codex there has been some great looking miniatures floating around the interwebz. This has to be my favourite. The conversion is just stunning.

Legion Rising from Subtle Discord from the Bolter & Chainsword - It's been a while since I last featured Subtle Discord's dark mechanicus project. Since then his thread has sunk into the ethers of the forum-sphere. Only to rise up again to spit out this beast. Shouldn't be long now before we get to see him sell some of his own kits. 

Staging the Set by Kari Spiky Rat Pack - Have you had enough of Kari's terrain. No? Good. Because, I am a huge fan of his stuff. Even though there probably isn't all that much special about it. Something about it just screams grim dark... especially. when compared to how the Games Workshop guys go about painting and displaying their own terrain,

Horus Heresy Blood Angels by Martok from the Bolter & Chainsword - The Contemptor-Mortis is probably one of those Forge World miniatures I wish I could have several of. They look deadly and have the  rules to pack a real punch on the table top. Martok's own Contemptor-Mortis does nothing but add to this. Also like the clever use of basing to change the usual gorilla legs of Tactical Marines.

Aiming Space Marines Tutorial by Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames - I'm currently in the process of trying to pull off this conversion. It is a royal pain trying to align all of the elements together. Hopefully my end results turns out half way decent. Big Jim also shares his receipt for painting yellow using Vallejo Colours.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Music Monday - Despicable Me 2 Teaser

Hope all my Imaginary Friends are enjoying the start of their week...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekly Finds

Step by Step Tutorial of Pedro Kantor by Raffa from Massive Voodoo - This is described as a fast tutorial... yet for the vast majority of hobbyists this would be considered professional and garner lots of jealousy. I can imagine that on a stock standard Space Marine that lacks all of the extra details, this would indeed work out to be a fast tutorial. Especially, when you consider how few colours are actually used.

Number Crunching the Troops by Anonymous Foodie from The Back 40K - A different approach to comparing the value of units on the table top. To a greater extent this article helps poke holes into the argument that mathhammer alone should win games. A must read before considering the opinions of interwebz personalities.

Eldar Wraithknight by Third Eye Nuke from Tale of Painters - Third Eye Nuke's approach to painting his wraith constructs draws some nice parallels with wraithbone, and more specifically Forge World's Wraithseer. Yet the weathering breaks it away from the traditional clean look. The colour scheme used has similarities with TEN's Tau miniatures.

Tau Codex Review: Markerlights by Abuse Puppy from the Pinktastic Blog - Can see the overview for the series here.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Weekly Finds

Tutorial for Bronze by Dave Taylor from Dave Taylor Miniatures - Following on from last weeks tutorial for bronze, we have this. And with the leaked images of the Khorne Battle Engine, for the upcoming Apocalypse update, some tutorials for brass and bronze seems highly appropriate. Next we need a tutorial for blood and gore...

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

White Dwarf - June 2013 Eldar

Garfy's Review Comparison of this month's White Dwarf follows on from the success of February's Review Comparison. For me this month's issue doesn't come that far ahead of the 2006 issue. And it is only mildly better because the adverts aren't thrust into your face. I do miss the old issues with the exceptional collections featured in White Dwarf. For example, there is a stunning Bretonnian army by Golden Daemon winner Jamie Downward. That is the sort of army I want to see... it is nice that the current White Dwarf team want to show off their collections. But they don't inspire me to try a different paint style, collect a new army or try out some conversion. The 2006 issue even had an article on converting different units including a Witch Hunter Retinue by Mike Butcher and an envy inducing Adeptus Arbite squad by Marc Raley. The article includes a tutorial on converting the count-as shotguns.