Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly Finds #100

The 100th post of Weekly Finds. Hard to imagine it has been going on for almost two years now. Over that time the blog has fallen into neglect more than a few times. I've finished University with my first degree, started working full time in a crazy arse Emergency Department and have made my first real steps into adulthood with the purchase of a house. And top top it off, this time next year I'll either be getting married or be on honeymoon... but enough of me reflecting on life. Time to look at what things have caught my attention this week...

Nurgle Cultists Troop Conversion by Ron from FTW - The Forge World Cultists kits look great. And from talking with both Mark Bedford and Jes Goodwin at Games Day Oz it seems like there wasn't much planning in making the Dark Vengeance miniatures matching up... and yet they do. Which goes to show how well defined certain elements of Chaos are. I'm curious to see how Ron goes about building the rest of the squad. The Nurgle Lord from the Fantasy range would look great included in this squad... just need some minor alterations. The Chaos Cultists unit entry from the up coming codex can be found amongst these photos.

WIP Thunderhawk Gunship by Garfy from Tale of Painters - More on Forge World... this time with Garfy's Thunder Hawk. Some time ago he detailed the process of preparing the miniature. Including the rather ingenious use of coat hanger wire to reinforce pieces such as the wings. We now get to watch the process of this huge kit being painted. The use of the white is great at breaking up all of the blue... curious to see if he does some weathering.

Slaughterfiend by Vladvar the Destroyer from Bolter & Chainsword - With the addition of Daemon Engines to the forces of Chaos this conversion will fit in great. Vladvar the Destroyer's Slaughterfiend shares several elements with Forge World's own Slaughterer... especially their Impaler version.

Tutorial: Artscale Terminator by Lamenter from Master of the Forge - It is always enlightening to see how the redonkulously skilled go about working their magic... There is also this article on sculpting that was featured several weeks ago. The armour banding that Lamenter creates may be of interest to those that want to add some chaos styled bands to vehicles and troops. Can also take a look at the tutorial on Artscale Space Marines.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekly Finds #99

The interwebz is buzzing with rumours on the upcoming Chaos Space Marine release... after Dark Vengeance and the awesomeness that is Sixth Edition I can feel the excitement building. There were many that viewed Games Workshop inclusion of two power armed factions in the same box set as flawed. I can start to see their scheme trap behind it. Many players already have Loyalist Astartes... but between the awesome content of the box set and all of the new releases, I find it hard to imagine that there wont be a huge influx in Traitor Astartes especially with the allies rule.

Demetrius Katafalque's Company, Imperial Fists by Apologist from Bolter & Chainsword - Big fan of Apologist's true scale miniatures. Doubly true for this amazing looking Imperial Fist. The tutorial on how to paint the well weathered yellow can be found in this post. I'm curious as to how easy it would be to combine Tyler Mengel's method of painting yellow with this... may produce a quick, weathered yellow. Or it might be a little too bright... also learnt a new word in the form of trompe l'oeil.

Leaked Chaos Space Marine Pictures by Loken from Apocalypse 40K - I got my White Dwarf today. So I've seen these pictures in the flesh. Being able to see multiple pictures of these miniatures has helped cement some of my feelings. I like the Aspiring Champion and the Finecast Characters. I'm not a fan of the daemon engines. They just fall flat when compared to what Forge World has been offering. Although the Heldrake and Maulerfiend are still nice. Pre-release details on kits can be found here. A lot of the info and images have been compiled over on Faeit 212.

Leaked Chaos Space Marine Rules by Old School Terminator from Dark Future Games - Can get some ideas on what the new Codex offers by looking at the White Dwarf. Specifically the battle report... I suspect the Warsmith will be a popular addition with his ability to repair vehicles and hopefully daemon engines.

How to Paint The Flawless Host by Ron from FTW - With Sonic Weapons ignoring Cover Saves there will be a fair few Noise Marine armies... so this tutorial is great. It has some similarities to Tyler Mengel's tutorial on painting yellow. Using a light base coat and applying glazes to add the colour. Ron's suggestion on using reds to add depth is something I'd like to try. Note that Ron is actually talking about glazing...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekly Finds #98

I've had the past week off work. Would think there would be a pile of built and possibly painted miniatures to show for it. Unsurprisingly that isn't the case...

Games Day Australia 2012 by Gotthammer from Collegia Titanica - This years was my first time attending Games Day. It didn't meet the expectations I've developed over the years from reading White Dwarf and then the interwebz. Mainly as there wasn't any sneak peeks or previews. Would have been very easy for Games Workshop to have done the pre-announcements for Forge World's Horus Heresy book and the reborn White Dwarf on the day. I also missed out on getting tickets to the seminars. They may be hiring a bigger room for next year. Fortunately, Gotthammer managed to attended all of the seminars and wrote up a summary. I've added some of my own points in the comments section... including things that Gotthammer didn't mention regarding the Forge World seminar. They had some standing room in the back. Bell of Lost Souls has used some of my comments and credited them with Gotthammer... once again they demonstrate the finer points of yellow journalism.

LXII Legion Auxilia by 1000heathens from The Bolter & Chainsword - These guys may not match Tyler Mengel's Astral Claws in paint job quality. However, 1000heathens has an amazing skill at converting miniatures. His Marines Malevolent are a great example of this skill. I particularly like the miniature pictured below. Curious what 1000heathens used for the rivets...

How to Paint Dark Vengeance Deathwing Armour by LilLoser from LilLegend Studio - This is part one of what looks to be a promising series. The guys over at Massive Voodoo achieved a similiar result using hair spray and salt. They posted a video tutorial on YouTube. This style of weathering is not limited to those with an airbrush. There is an abundance of coloured spray cans, such as Army Painter, that offer a simplified approach.

How to Paint Dark Angels Hard and Fast by Ron from FTW - This is far from 'Eavy Metal standards. However, it fits into something that Mark Bedford talked about at Games Day last weekend... develop a paint style that produces miniatures in a short period of time. The 'Eavy Metal team spend 7 hours a day painting Studio miniatures. They have the luxury to paint a single squad or regiment in two weeks. For the rest of us that would be soul destroying as Mark Bedford put it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

White Dwarf Reborn

It appears the rumours that White Dwarf is getting an overhaul are true. I own several years worth of White Dwarf. Even going so far as to purchase issues on eBay to fill in some of the blanks. However, very few of them get picked up more than once. Maybe Jes Bickham will be able to make the necessary changes to justify a new subscription. Only have to wait until the 22nd to see if the changes will have an impact on what many consider a glossy catalogue... I won't hold my breath.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weekly Finds #97

WIP: High Elf Dragon Lord by Volomir from Volormir's Blog - This is part 5 of another highly detailed series by Volomir following on from his Sword Masters and Sea Guards. It is interesting to see how light the green stuff actually is... as well as seeing the process of slowly building up the detail.

Building Deimos Pattern Predator Turret by Ron from FTW - A very cheap scratch built turret with some clever use of a ping pong ball. With some smoother seams this would look even more realistic.

Tutorial: How to Pain Dark Angels by Stahly from Tale of Painters - With the release of Dark Vengeance we are going to see a lot of green marines on table tops. So this tutorial seems highly appropriate for this Weekly Finds.

Review: Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures by Raffa from Massive Voodoo - I'm far from needing a DVD Guide like this... I wouldn't even call myself an amateur photographer. Just one of those guys who uses iPhone to take pictures. However, I can see others such as my future self finding this extremely helpful.

High Contrast Effect for Metal Power Weapons by Ron from FTW - There are probably dozens of ways to creating the illusion of power weapons. Some involve the use of air brushes while others aim to create lighting to varying degrees. But this is probably one of the most simple, yet effective method I've seen. Something for table top standard miniatures.

Tutorial: How to Paint the Chaos Hellbrute by Garfy from Tale of Painters - It is looking more pink compared to the 'Eavy Metal version. However, I still like what Garfy has produced. Be great for all those pleasure cults.

Warhammer 40K Frequently Asked Questions from Games Workshop - An extensive update including a much needed Frequently Asked Questions for the rule book itself. Two of the rulings would have directly impacted the game I played last night. With one of them having a huge difference in regards to a C'Tan charging through terrain into some Terminators... the other resulting in much cries of angst towards Games Workshop by some Black Templar players.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

White Dwarf 393 September 2012 - Dark Vengeance

Inside this month's issue:
Dark Vengeance: We delve into the new Warhammer 40,000 boxed game, taking a look at the awesome miniatures and talking to the designers.
The Hellfire Stone: We present the background for the conflict played out in Dark Vengeance - the Battle for Bane's Landing.
‘Eavy Metal Showcase: The 'Eavy Metal team showcase some of the fantastic paint jobs on the Dark Vengeance miniatures and offer insights. Unfortunately there isn't anything in terms of tutorials or even simple guides on how they went about painting these miniatures.
The Battle for Bane's Landing: Matt and Andrew fight through the six scenarios from the Dark Vengeance starter booklet.
Warhammer: Ancient Rivals: Chris Peach and Duncan Rhodes have both started new armies for their campaign - we take a look at them in more detail.
You'll also find full details of all the latest releases and news, plus a directory featuring all of the hobby activities in your local area.