Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Finds #69

Despite my brain being completely fried from work, I've managed to amass a large collection of twelve articles this week. They range from tutorials on sculpting all the way to the correct movement of vehicles. This week also sees the release of the much awaited expansion for both 'Nids and Space Wolves. It looks like I may be collecting a non-mechanised Space Wolf army... time will tell of course.

Servo Skull Collector by Jakob Rune Nielsen from miniaTEXTures - This miniature oozes with individuality. I can just imagine the servo skull collector being right at home in a John Blanche painting. It even has a small shield on his should like many of Blanche's own miniatures.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekly Finds #68

Ork Thunderhawk by Loken from Apocalypse 40K - This is an amazing scratch-build by Romeo from Battlefoam... yes you read that right, scratch-built. I can't not look at this and think Thundaork. Since seeing this I've been tempted to start collecting an Orks army just so I can scratch build all sorts of Orky things. As well as an excuse to buy an Ork Kill Busta Tank.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Music Monday - Off to work we go...

After three years of University I'm finally off to full time work...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Forge World: Newsletter 296

I've been looking forward to the tank crew from Forge World since their sneak preview some time ago. Looks like I know what my first pay check will go towards...
Hi there,
            We’ve got an assortment of Space Marine releases for you to pre-order from today: four sets of Chapter-specific MkIIb Land Raider doors and a set of Space Marine Tank Crew, one of which you might recognise from a previous newsletter. We also have two rules updates available to download: one of which covers the Elysian D-99 army list while the other is a more comprehensive update covering a wider selection of our range.
Space Marine Vehicle Crew

Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Finds #67

Building Backdrop by Jakob Rune Nielsen from miniaTEXTures - A WiP that has me thinking of relatively cheap ways to add lots of terrain to the table. Particularly terrain that blocks line of sight. This is something that tournament organisers and game store owners should take a look at. Especially, since most tables have maybe one or two piece of terrain that offer skimmers and flyers any form of cover.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

New Releases - Bitz & Pieces

I follow the blogs of several miniature & bitz designers. By following these blogs I not only get to see some amazing sculpts and paint jobs... but I also get to see their new products. Both during the production phase and after release. Two of these blogs, Rune Cast and Le Blog de Kouzes, have shown some of their latest creations...

Gregor from Rune Cast has had his Sci-fi cultists heads released by Tabletop Art. These are the second set of cultists heads, the first lacking any sort of reference to science fiction. These would work great in a Chaos army with cultists. But would work just as well in a Necromunda gang of Redemptionists or as alternative heads for flagellant bodies to help fit them into a Warhammer 40K army.

Morbäck and Urlok from Le Blog de Kouzes have put up some pictures of their latest creations. And these are brilliant. The sort of products the hobbyists needs. The backpacks from Maxmini would work great in a Techmarine conversion... or even with some Iron Warriors. The backpack without an exhaust could also easily be used in a heavy flamer conversion by using some pewter power cables from Dragon Forge. But it is the combi weapons from Warforge that have me excited. I look forward to finding out when these are released... as I'm sure a lot of other Space Marine players will be.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Warmachine: Colossals Preview

I may not own a Warmachine faction yet but these look fantastic. The detail is great and from the artwork they all seem to fit into the aesthetics of their respective factions...

However, I suspect that Privateer Press is taking a step towards larger point games. Hint: Battlefoam has brought out a new bag for PP that fits 14 inches of foam. They have realised that bigger armies mean more money for them... and they are an expanding table top company that doesn't want to burn out in a few years time. I don't blame them for taking this route, just like I don't blame Games Workshop for a lot of the things they do. But this will add fuel to the fanboi discussions bitchfests.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Lord Inquisitor - Updates

It has been a while since I had a look at the progress on The Lord Inquisitor. It would have gone on even longer if I hadn't of noticed this post by Alec over at Apocalypse 40K. Two amazing announcement have recently been made...
Games Workshop decided to finally give me the 100% green light for this project and now this project is totally free and don’t has to hide anymore. The Emperor listened to our prayers and made the impossible possible: The first allowed fan movie for Warhammer 40,000
- Erasmus in Born to be free from The Lord Inquisitor
It looks like Games Workshop realised just how ball aching good this really is. And it isn't just Games Workshop that realised just how awesome this is...
The main story writer for The Lord Inquisitor is Aaron Dembski -Bowden, well known for his Warhammer 40,000 novels for the Black Library and Horus Heresy. This is of course so cool, I don’t know what else to write – and there is probably no need for that.
So with the music composed by Adam Harvey we now have another fantastic and well known artist on board, what raised Lordi again up to a new level.
- Erasmus in Story Writer for Lordi from The Lord Inquisitor

Monday, February 06, 2012

New Citadel Paint Pots Revealed

Not sure if this has hit the interwebz yet...

Friday, February 03, 2012

Weekly Finds #66

Going Made On Icicles by Roman from Massive Voodoo - A chance to see Roman using his tutorial on making icicles. The below picture as well as the WiP pictures in the link give an idea on how using this tedious technique can produce some great results. Especially if you used some of Secret Weapon Miniatures' Crushed Glass on the base to enhance the winter feel.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

White Dwarf 386 February 2012 - Lord of the Rings

Inside this month's issue:
The Lord of the Rings: In this article we take a look at what makes The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game such fun to play, as well as guiding you through the best ways to get started.
The Armies of Middle-Earth: Simon Grant takes a look at the new The Lord of the Rings sourcebooks and the armies that fight to determine the fate of Middle-earth.
Warhammer: Civil War: Part 2 of our exclusive new Warhammer Expansion, Civil War, including rules for using the Warriors of Chaos, Tomb Kings and Orcs & Goblins in your civil wars.
Standing Watch: Jervis Johnson presents some official new rules for using the latest Warhammer scenery kit, Deathknell Watch, in your games - and a new scenario too!
Armies of the Night: With the release of the new Vampire Counts Battalion, we caught up with two of the Design Studio's hobbyists to see how they've used it in their armies.
Race to the Ruins: In this battle report, the Fellowship are ambushed by Goblins - and worse - on the road to Moria.
The Storming of Harlond: In the second of this month's battle reports, the Men of Minas Tirith do battle with the merciless Easterlings.
25 Years of Warhammer 40,000: This year marks the 25th anniversary of Warhammer 40,000, and what better way to celebrate than with a whole section dedicated to the history of this fantastic game.
You'll also find full details of all the latest releases and news, plus a directory featuring all of the hobby activities in your local are