Friday, July 26, 2013

Weekly Finds

Last Minute Golden Demon Entry by Tyler M from Mengel Miniatures - A beautiful diorama for the UK Golden Daemons. Although I like the new Space Marine Captains that have come out for Apocalpyse... I have never been much a fan of non-combat poses for gaming pieces. Some of the Captains look like they are giving pre-battle speeches or the such. However, with a simple head swap and a sword Tyler has given me some ideas.

Pre-Heresy Death Guard by Durfast Spiritwolf from the Bolter & Chainsword - Another Horus Heresy collection to add to my growing list of must watch... I normally am not a fan of the Mk II armour due to the weird legs. However, it seems perfect for Death Guard.

Chapter of the Ruined King by noctus cornix from the Bolter & Chainsword - I'm loving the background fluff for this Horus Heresy collection. But what really jumps out at me is the Raptors. The combined use of the new Raptor bodies, the old Jump Packs and World Eater helmets is brilliant.

Huge Mistake by Gotthammer from Collegia Titanica - A departure from the usual look associated with the Brass Scorpion.  It is neither brass nor red. However, this approach could be used to create a cohesive look for several different daemon engines... although, painting all those lines and circles would drive anybody insane. But then that is what happens when you meddle with warp things.

Sons of Mortarion by Midian from the Bolter & Chainsword - And another Death Guard collection to keep an eye on. Especially if they turn out anything like Midian's Maze of Minotaurs...

The Truth About Cover Saves by Matt-Shadowlord from the Pinktastic Blog - A depart from this weeks looks at traitors, rebels and all around bad guys to look at Cover Saves... although, this tutorial on painting concrete features a depraved Dark Eldar.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekly Finds

Product Review: AK-Interactive by Raffa from Massive Voodoo - This stuff looks amazing...

Warhound Oil Wash by Drathmere from 40k Hobby Blog - And it isn't the first time I've featured a Titan that used AK-Interactive for weathering. At the beginning of the year I showed off MBG's Phantom Titan along with a tutorial by Orc Painter Nerd... to think this stuff has been around for a while, and yet, only now does it seem to be picking up any sort of momentum in our niche hobby.

Lets Make Some Snow by David Soper from Sproket's Small World - This isn't the only tutorial on making snow or icicles. However, it does go into more depth than most. There are several excellent tutorials on making snow of varying consistencies on the interwebz including this great one by Mr Justin from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Another way of making icicles can be found here... it does involve the use of plastic and fire do this in a well ventilated environment.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Weekly Finds

Talos Minotaur by Cagan from Blog de Kouzes - Wow... that is all I can really say. The Talos kit is already heavily featured in some of the best Dark Mechanicus collections on the interwebz. The brilliant, yet simple, addition of the Carnifex legs just took it in a whole new direction.

Fear of the Dark by Caldaron from the Bolter & Chainsword - This is probably the first Night Lords army I've seen set in the Horus Heresy... which is surprising given how jawesome Aaron Dembski Bowden's Night Lords Series is.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Weekly Finds

Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend by Garfy from Tale of Painters - Some advice from the prolific Garfy on approaching larger kits. And the Forgefiend is definitely a larger kit. The flesh that has been painted so far is amazing. Can find a tutorial for it here...

WIP Astartes by JRN from miniaTEXTures - I'm a massive fan of Jakob's developing Inquisition Warband... and this sinister looking Adeptus Astartes is no different. The miniature is pulled together using so many different kits. The power fist is taken from one of the Inquisition miniatures. Looking forward to see how Jakob so about painting this miniature.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

White Dwarf - July 2013 Apocalypse

Stahly's review of this Month's White Dwarf issue...

Monday, July 01, 2013

Music Monday - Despicable Me 2 "Happy" Video

Smile and think happy thoughts...