Wednesday, September 01, 1999

White Dwarf 237 - September 1999

In this month's issue of White Dwarf...

  • Arrogant Threat - A young Gavin Thorpe shares his thoughts and insights into the newly released Codex: Eldar. We see how changes made to the Wave Serpent in '99 have continued all the way through 5th and 6th Edition.
  • Rebrith - A short story by Gav Thorpe about a Striking Scorpion Shrine and the unexpected arrival of Karandras.
  • Eldar Guardians - A look at the Guardian Sprue created by Mike McVey and Jes Goodwin. The basic guardian sculpt can still be found in the current incarnation of the box set.
  • Path of the Warrior - Continuing with the Eldar focus, Gav Thorpe shares some information on Craftworld Biel-Tan and the Path of the Warrior including rules for the Court of the Young King. 
  • The World of the Bloodied Sword - Another short story by Gav Thorpe about arrogant humans on an Eldar Maiden World. To me this is a must read for any Eldar enthusiast. It shows the intertwined relationship between the Exodites, Craftworlds, Corsair and denizens of Commorragh. 
  • The Oldest of Enemies - A look at the secret order of the Witch Hunters and the dreaded Vampires. 
  • A Tale of 40K Gamers - Ben Hall shows off his completed Sisters of Battle army.
  • Orky Taktiks? - Andy Chambers and Adrian Wood share some thoughts on Ork Tactics. Even after changes in Editions the advice is still useful for new Ork Warlords. 
  • To Cleanse the Stars - Rules for Space Marine fleets are introduced to Battlefleet Gothic. 
  • Razorback - Games Workshop release a complete kit for the Razorback. it comes with turret options for either heavy bolter or twin-linked lascannons. When this kit was updated to reflect the new Rhino design the precedents was continued with the lascannon and twin-linked plasma guns option not included.
  • Top Gear - Mike Walker takes a look at using Chariots in games of Warhammer Fantasy. Alessio Cavatore also shares his thoughts on some overly complex rules interactions. He suggests creating an easier approach for casual games and to continue using the more complex and detailed system in a competitive 'tournament' game.
  • Out of the Warp! - 'Eavy Metal painter Rich Baker shares his views on collecting and playing with a Chaos fleet in Battlefleet Gothic.
  • The Path to War - A battle report between Gav Thorpe's Eldar and Nick Davis' Imperial Fists with some Legion of the Damned in support rules included for them. Despite the Eldar being the latest release they still lost the game. Although if the game had been able to carry onto a 7th turn the largely intact Eldar army would have wiped out the remaining Space Marines and secured the objective a STC unit.