Friday, August 31, 2012

Weekly Finds #96

Lost to the Warp...

Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekly Finds #95

This last week I've been thinking of ways to add individuality to each of my Black Templars... there are only so many ways you can mix together the Space Marine kits. This is especially true for the now outdated Black Templars Upgrade Kit which offers static poses when compared to the newer Chapter Specific kits. My usual place for inspiration is Mad Matt's collection of Black Templars. However, I wanted to find something different. So I set out into the vast interwebz...

Black Templars High Marshal by Bohun from Cool Mini Or Not - A simple kit bash using Commander Cullen. However, it is the freehand details that draw me in. The entire miniature is covered in it... yet it doesn't look too busy or overcrowded. Something to consider when it comes to painting Independent Characters.

Black Templars Marshal Redeux by Cypher Codicer from Deviant Art - This is a bloody awesome kit bash. The old metal Grey Knight torso works great with the addition of the high collar and the centre piece shield. The collar sort of reminds me of something that Freak Forge did... although this conversion is neater. An earlier Work in Progress of this conversion can be seen here.

Space Marine Chaplain by Ron from FTW - I've featured this conversion in Weekly Finds before. However, it came up in my search and seeing the knee pads got me thinking of the armour on the Ultramarines in the game Space Marines.

Fortress of Anguish by Pizzasemmel from Warseer - The detail work on this Land Raider Crusader is both over the top awesome AND weird. Some elements work great such as the huge banner and the hull mounted flamestorm cannon. While the hurricane bolters look weird with their own little banners. It looks more like a cathedral than a fortress. Pizzasemmel is also responsible for this life size chainsword.

Angels of Vengeance by Brother Chaplain Kage from The Bolter & Chainsword - The torso in this conversion is far too big for my own tastes. However, the style is very knightly and would fit in well with Black Templars. Even better, it offers a way out of having to sculpt tabards. Something I know I'd fail horribly at. Also take a look at this amazing conversion by Chris Borer of his take on the Angels of Vengeance Chapter Master.

Fratricide by Chris Borer from Full Borer Miniatures - This is the sort of inspiration I was looking for. it takes pieces from the standard tactical box set and offers ways to give them individual looks. The chest piece bellow is my favourite element. It uses everything I have in my collection and with some practice is something achievable. Chris Borer is also responsible for this amazing sculpt which was included in the Heroes of Armageddon Project. A must have for any Imperial Guard player.

Black Templar Terminator Squad by Dante77 from Cool Mini Or Not - If I understand the interwebz correctly this is the guy who taught Mad Matt how to paint his Black Templars. The resemblance between the two armies is obvious. However, these Terminator conversions fall flat on their face in comparison to the work of Rune Cast who has been creating Mad Matt's Terminators.

Forge World Large Scale Space Marine by k.ronte from Flagelante Feliz Club - This is an amazing conversion... and it reinforces some observations I've made. Such as sculptors add in more yellow than blue epoxy to their green stuff mix.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Forge World: Horus Heresy Trailer

It's hard to imagine that Space Marines could get even better next month with Dark Vengeance Box Set being released. But Forge World has managed to achieve just that with their announcement of the first instalment in their Horus Heresy Series...

It helps explain why Forge World has been putting out so many pre-heresy kits of late... I'm looking forward to seeing what else they have planned.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rodeo Games Announces Warhammer Quest

This is one of my all time favourite board games. It represents my first foray into one of Games Workshop's universes without evening realising it. Would play it with a friend who lived up the road. Belonged to his older brother who had moved out... I remember being told there was more to the game. Didn't realise just how much more there was to this highly addictive game. And now What's New Today has a post with some very exciting information...

This is very exciting news for us here in the office, as not only do we get to tell you all about a new computer game, but we also get the exclusive on it. That's right, you heard it from us first! Today, Rodeo Games announced that they are working on bringing a Games Workshop classic - Warhammer Quest - to the iPhone and iPad in 2013. Bring on the bitching and moaning by the Android owners *wink*. As the first Warhammer title to come to a mobile games platform, we were thrilled to find out more about it. Curious as to what other games we will see expanded to this new platform... Spacehulk is another game tat would work well.

Many of our longest-serving hobbyists will remember Warhammer Quest from ye olden days, but for those of you that have never played it, the premise is fairly simple. You take control of a party of four questing warriors in search of immeasurable power and riches in the Warhammer world. Think of it as Games Workshop's own version of Dungeon and Dragons. As always, power and riches are rarely found underneath someone's mattress or in the local library, and so your quests inevitably take you into the dungeons and under-empires of the Old World, fighting foul creatures as you explore hidden tunnels in the hope of finding lost treasure, hoards of gold and lasting fame (or an ignominious death - that is always a possibility too).

"By using one of our tried and tested game engines Hunters we can really focus on developing the parts of Warhammer Quest that made it such a great table-top game; truly unique hero characters and brutal enemies from across all the Warhammer races," explained Rodeo Games co-founder Laurent Maguire. "The opportunity to work with Games Workshop was such an exciting prospect, we are thrilled to have been entrusted with this facet of the Warhammer licence."

"All our passion is being channelled into this game, which I'm sure fans will recognise and respond to." said Rodeo Games Creative Director, Ben Murch. That much is certainly clear from looking at the screenshots and the video at the top of the page. Every flagstone is textured and worn, tiny withered plants grow in the sparse patches of light, bones and discarded weapons litter the floor. You can certainly see where inspiration has been taken from the floor tiles in the original boxed game and the Chaos Marauder is stunningly rendered - you certainly wouldn't want to run into him in a dark dungeon (or any dungeon, for that matter, regardless of lighting conditions).

Warhammer Quest will be a universal app sold exclusively via the Apple App Store. The team at Rodeo Games is working towards a Spring 2013 launch, but will be presenting an early version of the game at UK Games Day at the Birmingham NEC on Sunday 23rd September. I can honestly say that while I'm at Games Day, I will definitely be paying the guys from Rodeo a visit to find out more about this upcoming game.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dark Vengeance

The rumours are true with the new Warhammer 40K box set eclipsing all others with these amazingly detailed Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines...

If the Games Workshop teaser is anything to go by the official announcement will be dropped in the September White Dwarf on the 25th of August.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dark Vengeance Leaked

Reality has exploded this past week with so much Warhammer 40, 000 rumours and leaked pictures. First we get the mother of all lists that makes even die hard GW haters fall in love. Then we get the tiny pictures of possible Dark Vengeance content. And now we have these pictures taken from Galaxy in Flames...

WOW! Look at the detail and dynamic poses. I am in love with the Hellbrute. It looks like the perfect cross between an Obliterator and Dreadnought.

Not sure what to say about these... they look great. They are generic enough that they could be used in a Necromunda Gang. It's just a shame there isn't one or two miniatures in there that hark back to the old skool Chaos Cultists.

The Independent Characters look fantastic. I especially like the back pack on the Interrogator Chaplain. They match the Chaos miniatures in detail. However, it is the standard bolter marines that I really like. They will offer players something different to the squatting legs that come in the out dated Tactical Box.

It is Space Hulk all over again... just look at those dynamically posed Terminators. Got some great ideas for how to convert my box full of plastic Terminators.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rumoured Warhammer 40K Release List

The interwebz is buzzing with rumours and counter rumours with the 2012-13 release list for Warhammer 40K. However you look at it, this list is getting people excited...

Original thread
Scheduled release date from June 2013 onwards;
Originally appeared on along with The Hobbit scheduled releases. The list below has been edited to only include 40k related releases;
General consensus is that it may be pretty legit and someone at GWHQ will be in serious trouble. Rumour has it someone got 
Games Workshop release plan - Q3 2013 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekly Finds #93

I've got the house to myself today and have managed not to spend half of it sleeping... just a quarter of it. Which means I've had time to build miniatures and explore the interwebz.

In the Name of the Inquisition... by Dan Harden from What's New Today - Grey Knights and allied cannon fodder Imperial Guard by Koen Cambre. The heavy weathering on the Guard contrasts nicely with the Grey Knights. However, it is refreshing to see some Grey Knights that aren't crisp and clean with Koen adding in some minor weathering. The weathering along with the bases helps tie the two forces in together far more effectively than the colour palette.

Wreck Age Table Remake (3) by Brian from A Gentleman's One - I'm sure the interwebz is familiar with Brian's terrain making skills. He is the mastermind behind The Heroes of Armageddon display table and the Killzone tables. If you are looking for inspiration for scenery his blog is probably one of the first places I'd direct you to... plus it is free unlike the Forge World team.

How to Make Plasticard Orc Shields by Gareth from Tale of Painters - A simple tutorial that produces some unique results. As can be seen on Gareth's Big Un Mob. Can also use this tutorial to produce some Black Orc styled shields.

It's Flicker Thursday by Dan Harden from What's New Today - An amazing Contemptor Dreadnought by Patrick Schimak. Can see more of Patrick's amazing collection on the Games Workshop Flickr page.

40k Metrics: Building Better Devastator by Nikephoros from Bringer of Victory - I'm a big fan of Nikephoro's metric posts. This one particularly caught my attention as I'm a big Iron Warriors fan. And for me Havocs fit into the imagery of Iron Warriors just as much as tanks with big guns. So it was a pleasant surprise to find out that Havocs carrying Autocannons are kings at killing light mech.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Weekly Finds #92

Helmet of Horror Concept by Lil Loser from Lillegend Studio - A unique variation on the Talos Pain Engine.  It's nice to see an old haemonculus miniature being used. However, the current model is more suitable as it adds to the illusion of hanging from the helmet. The Penitent Engine pilots would also make for suitable victims with some minor alterations. Regardless, this is a stunning kit bash and could easily find itself in a Chaos Space Marine army. Possibly even an Ad Mech themed Imperial Guard army.

Mariners Blight Sneak Peek by Lucky No.5 from Eye of Error - This is one of the many armies I keep coming back to see the steady progress. Lucky No.5's ability to convert miniatures is disgusting with a great blend of kit bashing and sculpting. However, my favourite element of this growing army of decay is the weathering.

Masterclass Snow Effects by Jarhead from Massive Voodoo - There are heaps of tutorials on how to apply snow to bases with this being the third by Roman... my favourite methods are those shown by Mister Justin using how Secret Weapon Miniatures crushed glass.

Terminator Chaplain by RuneCast from RuneCast Blog - I love Rune Cast's Black Templar miniatures. They are mind blowing. Mad Matt does them justice with his painting. However, it is frustrating not being able to find the source of those hobby chains as the link Rune Cast provides is broken.

Saturday Night Report and Banana Milk by Jarhead from Massive Voodoo - Some great Work In Progress pictures of this bust. Get an idea of how it has progressed when compared with pictures from this post...

Shooting at Vehicles in Cover by David from No Turtles Allowed - This article caught my attention as it highlighted a minor but critical change from 5th to 6th Edition. The top of the vehicle hull has no relevance when it comes to determining vehicle facing. This was huge for me as there are several players at my FLGs who play with flyers... damn Necrons.

How to Airbrush Leathery Bat-Like Wings by Lucky No. 5 from Eye of Error - This looks to be a stunningly quick result. And I imagine the results could be further enhanced with techniques taken from David Soper's own tutorial on panting Scourge Wings. I also strongly suggest his guide on stippling.

Sixth Edition Big Yellow Book Missions Pt 1 by Kirby from The Pinktastic Blog - A simple break down of the new and, in my humble opinion, superior missions from a competitive point of view.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

White Dwarf 392 August 2012 - Chaos Daemons

Inside this month's issue:

Chaos Daemons rules update booklet - In this month's White Dwarf you will find an exclusive 16 page booklet containing new rules and background for all of this month's new Daemons miniatures. Does this mean there has been a shift in the mindset of Games Workshop with them releasing miniatures and rules without a new Codex? Or is the Chaos Daemons AND Space Marine Stormtalon just exceptions?
Daemons - Simon Grant takes a look at the Chaos Daemons, the foul servants of the Dark Gods that threaten all of reality.
Modelling Workshop: The Warp Forge - Some of the Studio's hobbyists have got hold of the new Daemon Kits. We take a look at what they've made with them.
Eye of the Warpstorm - In the first of this month's battle reports, the Eldar and the Dark Eldar ally against the Chaos Daemons.
Battle Brothers - A look at how allied detachments work in Warhammer 40,000, as well as showcasing several different uses of them.
The Librarians of Tzeentch - The bickering Blue Scribes are often called Tzeentch's Librarians. Mat Ward tells us more about them.
The Siege of Saphery - In our second battle report, Andrew's High Elves takes on Simon's Daemons at the gates of the Tower of Hoeth.
Arena of Death - We put some of the recently released plastic heroes into the Arena of Death, to see which is the best in Warhammer.
You'll also find full details of all the latest releases and news, plus a directory featuring all of the hobby activities in your local area.