Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Finds #117

And the Madness Continues by Dave Taylor from Dave Taylor Miniatures - Based off a piece of artwork in the main rulebook for this edition. It shows just how weird and wacky the Warhammer 40K Universe really is. A tutorial on making/using cables and wires for this monstrous construct can be found here.

Scarebrushing vs Airbrush by Rev from Tale of Painters - A look at setting up your own airbrush 'studio'. Something missing from this review by Rev is an airbrush cleaning pot. For me these are a must. It makes the quick cleaning between colours so much less tedious. Of course that isn't to say there isn't a need to properly clean your air brush after EVERY SINGLE USE. These things are an expensive investment, proper maintenance can keep them going for a lot longer. But then the time saved on getting a nice, clean basecoat on a squad of miniatures can be spent cleaning up afterwards. Another look at the portable spray booth and extractor can be found here. This is one thing I'm missing...

Imperial Fountain by Luck No 5. from Eye of Error - This would make a great centre piece. I need to find a model train store that sells detailed plasticard...

Vehicle Weathering How-To by Man Boy Genius from Spikey Bits - This is a brilliant series by Orc Nerd Painter. The streaking grime by AK looks so promising. Just look at the Eldar Titan pictured below...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekly Finds #116

New Year, Old Tricks by izeColt from Spiky Rat Pack - My partner got me the Imperial Sector set for Chrimstas. Have been slowly plucking away at each of the buildings while working on other projects at the same time. Seeing this got me thinking of ways to utilise some of the spare bits. And the Terra-Flex Gaming Mat looks amazing.

Painting OSL Weapons Effects by Lucky No. 5 from Eye of Error - Following on from last weeks vial tutorial...

From the Margins of the Mighty Tome by Dave Taylor from Dave Taylor Miniatures - Stunning assortment of different kitbashes. The floating servitors offer some ideas on what can be done with all of the wings that come in the Dark Angels Veteran Upgrade box. Then there are these equally stunning, yet very different miniatures. The first could easily be seen as an Arch Magos, while the second fits into the lumber war machine category very nicely. Another option for the bodies is Skaven in a smiliar fashion to what Paulson Games did in making some Jawa seen here, here and here.

Snapshot: Expressive Surfaces by JRN from miniaTEXTures - White is one of those colours that is extremely difficult to get right. For beginners it is a challenge just to get a smooth, even coat. And then there is the greater challenge of adding depth. The below image goes to show one way of achieving a detailed white surface. Reminds me of this Forge World miniature with an almost flat white and the use of weathering to add depth.

Creating Complex Styrene/Plasticard Armour by Lucky No 5. from Eye of Error - I doubt I'd have the patience to go through with something like this. However, it does offer one way of adding lightening bolts in a fashion similar to The Damned Artificer.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekly Finds #115

Magnetizing Contemptor Weapons and Joints by Drathmere from 40k Hobby Blog - This is one of Forge World's kits that is high on my Gift List. Unfortunately, I've got more than enough to build for a life time. So it won't be added to the never ending collection any time soon. Doesn't stop me from checking out other hobbyists resin crack. The fully painted body can be found here along with some background.

Painting Realistic Fluid Filled Vials by Lucky No. 5 from Eye of Error - A tutorial with four easy steps. This approach could be most useful for Dark Eldar... however, it would work for any miniature with a vial. Obviously if you wanted the liquid free portion of the vial to be transparent then more work would be required. Can also see the latest Pain Engine added to Lucky No. 7's coven here...

Ork Kopta Carrier by Rictus from Recalcitrant Daze - This is a jaw dropping project. Below is the current rivet count. It is a multi story scratch built project using a Bane Blade as the base... and that doesn't give this justice at it will dwarf a Bane Blade. It has some rather unique weapon platforms as well. Orks always have such fun conversions...

Landscaping Projekt Thalassa Prime by Tuskar from dieVincis - This looks very cool. Would be a great backdrop for a Sisters of Battle army. Shame there aren't more WiP pictures... or more details on the construction.

Hobby Products Tested: Army Painter Warpaints by Tuskar from dieVincis - Another review on the Warpaint Inks can be found here by Stahly from Tale of Painters.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

White Dwarf - January 2013

You can find Stahly's review of this month's White Dwarf over on Tale of Painters. I agree with Stahly and some of the comments. However, Garfy does make some good points. The movement away from a catalogue layout is nice... and the look behind the scenes is a pleasant difference. Overall, this was a let down compared to the previous new issues. If I hadn't already seen the Inquisition Warband members on the interwebz that would have been a highlight. But the masterminds behind the miniatures are so prominent in our hobby that it would be impossible to keep their work off the interwebz.

Friday, January 04, 2013

Weekly Finds #114

A new year is upon us. I've managed to slowly pluck away at some of the miniatures I got for Christmas. And of course I continue to be baffled by the lack of intelligence some individuals have when presenting to Emergency Departments. I guess some things never change. Much like the amazing work hobbyist produce and share on the interwebz...

Dark Eldar Feathered Nightmares by Lucky No.5 from Eye of Error - The quality of this Dark Eldar Coven continue to amaze me. Not only are the wings stunning, but so is the glow effect. I also enjoy reading the short blurb with each of these posts...

Building a better Typhus by Tyler M. from Mengel Miniatures - The fourth and final instalment in this stunning conversion. It reminds me of a similar conversions I saw many years ago in White Dwarf. That conversion featured Typhus without a helmet and he only carried only decapitated head if I remember correctly.

Commission Helbrecht by Lil Loser from Lillegent Studio - The contrast between the warm and cold colours works well for this miniature. I actually prefer this colour scheme to the usual portrayal of the High Marshal. And it is another look at Black Templars with a warm black as opposed to the usual colder recipes seen.

Glory of Slaanesh by Karol Rudyk from Cool Mini or Not - I must thank Volomir for featuring this jaw dropping miniature in his monthly Do Not Miss. The prominent use of red and black is a nice change from the typical colours associated with servants of Slaanesh. Another of Karol's Daemons of Slaanesh can be seen here. With the unpainted sculptor here.